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Each one of us is a unique package of experiences, attitudes, preferences or dislikes, fears, and motivations. It is not often, however, that a person exhibits this all in a website.

Bill McGaughey has produced a website with a no-nonsense name - - putting himself on display before the world. The writings displayed in this web site, originally written in English, have been translated by machine into 11 other languages. Together these languages reach half the earth’s population.

Bill McGaughey, who lives in Minneapolis, is an amateur philosopher, story teller, landlord, labor economist, world historian, political candidate, and family man. He is a vocal proponent of shorter work hours. He has also developed a compelling scheme of world history and of "big history".

McGaughey helped lead the fight against abusive city government in Minneapolis. He has run for President and several other public offices. He has spent time in China and Europe as well as the United States of America. His writings aspire to an equally broad reach.

Here are some writings that reflect this man's various interests and experiences.


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Personal information about Bill McGaughey personal.html - 12 languages

McGaughey's family background - 12 languages

proponent of shorter work hours and humane trade regulation www.sww-trade.html - 12 languages

World History and Big History www.worldhistory.html - 12 languages

personal storyteller www.storyteller.html - 12 languages

teller of other stories www.tellerofstories.html - 12 languages

philosophical, analytical, and creative writings www.analysis.html - 12 languages

Rhythm and Self-Consciousness (the book) www.RSC.html - 12 languages

landlord advocate www.landlordadvocate.html - 12 languages

political candidate www.politicalcandidate.html - 12 languages

legal challenges www.legalchallenges.html - 12 languages

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