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Insights and Experiences of a 76-year-old American man

William Howard Taft (“Bill”) McGaughey, Jr.


Read -

(1) how his namesake was appointed the first territorial governor of Minnesota,

(2) how somewhere he has a photograph of President William Howard Taft autographed to his father,

(3) how the hero of the 1912 World Series once picked him up as a hitchhiker,

(4) how his politician grandfather forced Republicans in the Indiana state legislature to abandon gerrymandering plans by taking his colleagues to another state and denying them a quorum,

(5) how his Indiana-born parents, both journalists and Depauw graduates, met on a New York City street, became reacquainted, dated, and got married before moving to Detroit where he was born,

(6) how his father published a wartime spy-thriller novel and dedicated it to him,

(7) how, as a boy, he had a pet raccoon,

(8) how he shook hands with presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower (and later with Nixon and Clinton) but failed to get an autograph at that time,

(9) how in 1956 he took welding and house-wiring courses at a high school in Detroit with a man whose daughter is currently chair of the Republican National Committee (and a man he ran against for Congress is vice chair of the Democratic National Committee),

(10) how his parents picked Disneyland from a list of television shows for American Motors to sponsor,

(11) how one of his most valuable possessions is a cartoon picture of Mickey Mouse,

(12) how George Romney (Mitt’s father) took him and Romney’s older son to a Detroit Tigers baseball game.

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Read -

(13) how he was once employed at the Wall Street Journal offices in New York City,

(14) how he took a college literature course taught by America’s first poet laureate,

(15) how he quit college to join the army but the army rejected him,

(16) how as a young man he spent several months memorizing poetry full time,

(17) how he escorted Winston Churchill’s secretary on a visit to Greenfield Village,

(18) how he attended the debutante party of Henry Ford’s younger daughter,

(19) how his father bought the iconic Times Square building for American Motors (but the company’s board of directors cancelled the deal),

(20) how he was in Times Square at the turn of the millennium,

(21) how he climbed a mountain in Austria in the dead of winter on his 21st birthday,

(22) how he was arrested in east Berlin in 1961 but later released,

(23) how he moved to Minnesota in 1965 (having never been there before) and stayed for over 50 years,

(24) how, without coaching, he passed the CPA exam on his first try.

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Read -

(25) how as an accountant he resolved a $129.64 discrepancy in a departmental report,

(26) how he quit a secure job to become a writer but found he could not write what he wanted,

(27) how, with the blessing of the campaign manager, he tried to organize a marathon to support the candidacy of a man who later that year was elected governor of Minnesota,

(28) how Ronald Reagan promised to play a board game that he had invented,

(29) how a friend relayed the Chinese government’s message of invitation that launched “ping-pong diplomacy”,

(30) how he became a leading proponent of shorter work time,

(31) how he coauthored a book on work-time issues with Eugene McCarthy,

(32) how he first learned that Mitt Romney was pursuing a political career,

(33) how he travelled to Mexico City to observe a potentially violent union election,

(34) how he wrote and published the first anti-NAFTA book and personally handed a copy to Bill Clinton,

(35) how he was exposed to the poetic technique of gematria practiced by the inventor of wet-or-dry sandpaper (3M’s breakthrough product),

(36) how he found his brother lying dead on the floor in a bedroom next to his.

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Read -

(37) how he bought a nine-unit apartment building near downtown Minneapolis,

(38) how he faced down a hostile neighborhood group that accused him of mismanaging this building,

(39) how he and a group of fellow landlords disrupted a meeting of the Minneapolis city council,

(40) how he was twice arrested and jailed for domestic abuse,

(41) how he is no fan of Minnesota courts,

(42) how he rescued and kept a pet squirrel,

(43) how as the Congressional candidate of Minnesota’s Independence Party in 2008 he attracted 7 percent of the vote (and was complimented by Jesse Ventura),

(44) how he developed a new theory of world history and published a book,

(45) how he wrote and published a book of philosophy titled “Rhythm and Self-Consciousness: New Ideals for an Electronic Civilization”,

(46) how a mass murder occurred near his home at an office that once belonged to Burma Shave,

(47) how he has been part of a men’s singing group with Robert Bly for over 25 years,

(48) how he has married and divorced women of all three races (and later remarried one of them).

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Read -

(49) how his wife’s oldest daughter has a brother in prison along with the father of her two children,

(50) how his candidacy in the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary totally bombed,

(51) how, childless most of his life, he and his wife are raising a rambunctious 3-year-old boy,

(52) how within four months he went from being a full-functioning adult to his wife’s dependent,

(53) how, nevertheless, he plans to publish another book,

(54) how a little fox terrier has become his constant companion, and

(55) how in the not-too-distant future he may be buried in a grave in Milford, Pennsylvania, near the Pinchot family gravesite containing the remains of John F. Kennedy’s murdered mistress.


Besides all this -

(56) Bill McGaughey has run for President twice (and for mayor of Minneapolis, Congress, the U.S. Senate, and lieutenant governor of Minnesota),

(57) He has gotten revenge on the internet against an abusive judge,

(58) He has won a championship in a golf league at work, jogged regularly, and swam across a lake.

There's more but by now you may have maxed out on this guy. Or maybe not?

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