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Philosophical, Analytical, and Creative Writings


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Steps toward a more successful government - A philosophical paper written as a 16-year-old in a California desert (1957) 11,596 words telluridepaper.html - 1 language (English)

On goals in life - From Greek ideas of good to the ideal of rhythm (1966) 10,241 words goalsinlife.html - 5 languages

On Truth and Beauty - A youthful attempt to make sense of human culture (1966) 3,138 words truthbeauty.html - 12 languages

Self-Consciousness and Rhythmic Concentration - What thoughts to cultivate and avoid during peak rhythmic performance (2001) 7,130 words rhythmicconcentration.html www.worldhistorysite/rsc-7.html (This is a sample chapter in Bill McGaughey’s book, “Rhythm and Self-Consciousness”, published by Thistlerose in 2001. The text of the complete book appears in the following section.)

Self-Consciousness as a Causal Force in the World - Some situations can only be understood by thinking about thoughts (2013) 4,551 words self-consciousness.html

Rhythm and Self-Consciousness in my own Life - Understanding loss of concentration (2015) 1,986 words concentration.html - 5 languages



Jesus’ World View and How It Became Ours - A life driven by prophetic writings as interpreted by Albert Schweitzer (2015) 49,360 words www.worldhistorysite/Jesusworldview.html - 1 language (English)



A Proposal for a New Type of College - Web based, it would come in small packages of coursework. (2017) 3,025 words - 5 languages newcollege.html


Poetry and Humor

Poetry and Me - My studious and accidental encounters with this discipline over the years (2015) 2,951 words poetry.html - 12 languages

Poems dark and dangerous - The unusual verses of Vachel Lindsay and Francis G. Okie (2015) 3,992 words darkdangerous.html - 5 languages

The Secret Beginnings of the U.S. Entertainment Industry - A tall tale about how President William Howard Taft started the U.S. entertainment industry (2005) 3,204 words secretbegin.html - 5 languages

"Smokey Joe" Wood & the Boston Red Sox Curse - A yarn about the World Champion Boston Red Sox and its ace pitcher in 1912 (2005) 998 words smokeyjoe.html - 5 languages

Professor Unum’s Television Commercia l- Is this drug right for you? (2010) 358 words professorunum.html- 1 language (English)



Things Learned Maybe Before I was Able to Speak: Some Facts of Human Existence as Might be Thought by a Baby - Useful information for a newly born child (2017) 948 words thingslearned.html - 5 languages

Analysis of Jermaine Stansberry’s Conviction for the Murder of Brandon Hall - DNA and other evidence that points to Stansberry's innocence and Hardimon's guilt (2004) 4,856 words jermainestansberry.html - 5 languages

Money as Fiction - Banking and money in the United States (2005) 3,709 words money.html - 12 languages

Toward a new definition of public corruption - It’s broader than government officials taking money in brown-paper bags (2010) 2,664 words corruption.html - 5 languages

Yes, I believe in "conspiracy theories." - Credible evidence to suggest hidden, illegal, and possibly malevolent activity within the U.S. government (2009) 2,364 words conspiracies.html - 5 languages

A Question of Identity - One is one’s role in a story (2010) 1,419 words identitystories.html - 5 languages

Steve Meldahl, Don Samuels, Northside Blogs, and the Lost Generation - How to salvage personal dignity in a world of declining job opportunities for college graduates (2011) 1,872 words meldahl.html - 5 languages

Too focused for my own good - A grade grubber becomes socially inept (2011) 1,090 words toofocused.html - 5 languages

Our incompetent future - We don’t make men like Harry Truman any more (2011) 3,887 words incompetent.html - 5 languages

The roots of white self-hatred - The black race as a metaphor for disadvantage (2011) 4,410 words whiteprivilege.html - 5 languages

Bill McGaughey, the newspaper columnist - Three articles for the now-defunct St. Paul Globe (2013) 5,830 words stpaulglobe.html - 12 languages

Aggression of the Victimized Minority - How demographic politics defines the Democratic Party (2014) 6,565 words victim.html - 5 languages

Thoughts on Police Reform - Abandon the military model of policing (2014) 2,350 words machopolice.html - 1 language (English)

About Harrison neighborhood and racial justice - Is it poor because it is predominately black? (2014) 3,349 words raceinharrison.html - 5 languages

The shootings in Charleston, South Carolina - Is thought repression the best response? (2015) 1,290 words Charlestonmurders.html - 12 languages

Let white people march! - Say you are not ashamed to be white. (2015) 2,882 words march.html - 5 languages

I am not ashamed/afraid to be white - The slogan for a sign to be carried through downtown Minneapolis on August 5, 2015 at high noon. (2015) 8,930 words notashamed.html - 1 language (English)

The essentially fraudulent nature of pharmaceutical advertising on television - Pester the doctor to prescribe branded products (2017) 909 words fraudulentadvertising.html - 12 languages


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