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Chunks of Writing in this Website



The web site,, contains more than 200 separate articles, each translated in parallel pages from English into eleven other languages, that are presented in twelve sections. However, there are certain themes, or “chunks of writing” that run through this work. This, roughly, is what we have here.



a list of significant events in my life or otherwise affecting me - See Americanman, explanations.

my declining health in recent years - See newhampshireprimary, mentaldecline, afterwards, and medications.


information about me and events in my life - See familytree, mittsmother, Payson, resume, author, highschoolheroes, accountant, identity, manofideas.

information about my parents - See ourfamily, fatherfamily, authorsfather, motherfamily, parentsresume, Europeantrips, Hearst, Disneyland.

information about my brothers and sister - See siblings.

information about my grandparents and other relatives - See DavidMcGaughey, writtenmemories, papepistles, mcqueston.

family photographs - See photos-1.


about the shorter-workweek movement - See mayday, McCarthy, swwhistory, swwford.

arguments supporting shorter work hours - See knowledgeeconomy, summit, econeffect.

Op-Ed artlcles on this subject published in newspapers - See nyt, latimes, japan.

about the fight against free trade - See fairtrade, NAFTA.


world history as told in Five Epochs of Civilization - See civilization1, civilization2, civilization3, civilization4, intimations.

on the nature of civilizations - See prediction, civilizationscheme, cthistory, diagram, religion3.

articles on Big History - See BHS-mainpage, reflections, howitexists, thoughtsexistence, IBHApaper, sciencestory, timehascome, BHlearning, whatuse, models, things-list, things-answers, things-introduction, trinity.



grand personal adventures - See reutte, roadrunners, primetime.

famous people I have met - See efschumacher, tonightshow, brushes, Prince, Ford, Sufi, fourminnesotans.

adventures in Europe and China - See checkpointCharlie, tiananmen.

problems in divorce court - See domesticabuse, DomAbuse-short, divorcebook, divorcedocuments, firsttwodivorces.

small setbacks or accomplishments - See discrepancy, writingphilosophy, mystory, identitystories, harrison.



christmas and the life of Jesus - See Christmas, Jewish prophecy, historicalJesus.

crime in Minneapolis - See burmashave, franklinromero.

a friend’s autobiography - See carlharstad, carlharstad2.

tall tales and jokes - See buyproperty, rite4U, secretbeginning, smokeyjoe.



the philosophy of rhythm and self-consciousness - See rsc-7, self-consciousness, concentration.

other philosophical writings - See telluridepaper, goalsinlife, truthbeauty.

new thinking - See newcollege, thingslearned, corruption, meldahl, stpaulglobe.

on gold and money - See searchforgold, money.

racial issues, especially white self-hatred - See whiteprivilege, victim, raceinharrison, Charlestonmurders, march, notashamed See

dishonesty - See conspiracies, fraudulentadvertising, lying.



Rhythm and Self-Consciousness, the book - See rsc-1, rsc-2, rsc-3, rsc-4, rsc-5, rsc-6, rsc-7, rsc-8, rsc-9, rsc-10, appendix-3, appendix-2.



stories of Minnesota landlords in trouble with the city - See ruggles, sundberg, czaplewski, wu, mattson, speaker, osterman, divas.

MPRAC issues and activities - See lettertomembers, civicduty, leehelgen, MPRACearlyhistory, landlords, blowout.



my campaigns in eight different elections - See mayorcandidate, Senatecampaign, Louisiana, Congress-summary, 2008race4congress, mayor2009-chapters, NDparty, ltgovernor, mylastcampaign, newhampshireprimary.

about my political ambitions - See overview, brushes, wingnutcandidate.

my forays into identity politics - See identityheaven, MIO.



problems with divorce court - See letter, domesticabuse, divorcebook, firsttwodivorces, lawyersprofessionalresponsibility, judgeswenson.

murder trials and police killings - See jermainestansberry, anthonyforesta, billforpresident.

other legal experiences - See foreclosure, juryduty.

criticisms of the Minnesota judiciary - See complaints, endjudicialabuse, genderfairness, leaflet.



about web pages on this and other sites - See table-2, table-1, stable, initial collection, listofwebsites, thewebsites.


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