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Chapter 1

beginning section - after 1 paragraph

Campaigning for President in Louisiana in 2004 | left: enjoying a bowl of gumbo | center: Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans | right: photographed in a white hat on primary night

two sets of issues - after 1 paragraph

The 2002 Independence Party primary for U.S. Senate | left: for a shorter workweek by 2010 (photo taken on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis) | right: for the "full citizenship, dignity, and equality" of white males (photo taken at the Minnesota state capitol)


Chapter 2


The monthly meetings of Metro Property Rights Action Committee | left: Loretta & Jim with Mike Tupper | center: after the MPRAC meeting | right: Bob Carney & Kim Vlaisavljevich on election night


Chapter 3

events on that day - after 3 paragraphs

Condemned site of Uncle Bill's Food Market | left: front of Uncle Bill's store | center: Bill McGaughey looks for "sagging floor joists" | right: abandoned shelving in store


events on that day - after 4 paragraphs

The community celebration on Sept. 19th | left: tables on Sheridan Avenue | center: Lennie Chism, Papa John Kolstad, Bill McGaughey | right: Terry Yzaguirre, Lennie Chism

events on that day - after 6 more paragraphs

Destruction of a building and a dream |left: Jean & Bill Sanigular | center: the backhoe eats the building | right: the end is near

Chapter 4

A new political party with candidates | left to right: July 4th performance of "A Prairie Home Companion" | map of Minneapolis wards | John Butler | Jim Swartwood

Chapter 6

untitled beginning - after 8 paragraphs

Some elements in the web site | left: "not yet up to speed" | center: our lawn sign | right: a shoveled sidewalk after the snow plow dumped a new load from Glenwood Avenue

Chapter 8

placing the signs - after 1 paragraph

left: Bill McGaughey with wife Lian in front of 2008 Olympic stadium | center: signs at a political rally on Broadway | right: a yard in Kenwood

placing the signs - after 7 more paragraphs

Lawn signs placed around town | left: in my own yard | center: near staircase in north Minneapolis | right: in a fenced yard in north Minneapolis


an "inappropriate" sign posting - after 5 paragraphs

Signs to be taken down after the election | left: battered but still standing | center: tossed on the leaves | right: thrown into the street

Chapter 10

other questionnaires or questioning - 4 paragraphs

left: training for Ranked Choice Voting | center: illustration of ranked Choice Voting ballot | right: Bill McGaughey by Father of Waters statue at Minneapolis City Hall

open houses - 6 paragraphs

left: John Butler at New Dignity Party open house | center: KMSP-TV camera woman shoots door to mayor's office | right: Bill McGaughey at New Dignity Party open house

Chapter 11

Race Peace workshop - after 3 paragraphs

Some memorable events in 2009 | left: Al Franken claims victory on July 1st | center: President Obama at Target Center |right: Ed Eubanks at community celebration on September 19th

at the end of the chapter

An attempt at levity: A New Dignity Party salesman comes calling on (left: to right:) a white gentleman | a group of Asians | an African American family at Thanksgiving dinner

Chapter 13

Bob Carneys initiatives - 5 paragraphs

Bob Carney in pursuit of Mayor Rybak | left: Carney at City Hall with video equipment | center: a Rybak sighting | right: Carney catches up with the elusive mayor


Bob Carneys initiatives - after 2 more paragraphs

Outside Mayor Rybak's office | left: Carney interviewed by KMSP-TV reporter | center: Al Flowers & James Everett leave office | right: Papa John Kolstad at reception desk of mayor's office


a day with several campaign appearances - after 3 paragraphs

A "meet and greet" at Ebenezer Tower Apartments | left: Kolstad and Carney talk with Rybak | center: Wilson & Markus shake hands over chili | right: Flowers sits with Ebenezer resident


debate at Harrison Neighborhood Association - after 3 paragraphs

The candidate debate at Harrison Neighborhood Association | left: view from the audience | center: Don Samuels speaking in 5th ward debate | right: view from the podium


singing patriotic songs - at the end

A singing event at noon on the day before the election | left: MPR's Brandt Williams interviews Dick Franson | center: mayoral candidates Carney, Franson & Wilson | right: my polling place on November 3rd

Chapter 14

election-night parties - after 4 paragraphs

Election eve party at Jager Club | left: political conversation | center: Papa John Kolstad and Bill McGaughey | right: John Kolstad and son (Cadillac Kolstad, in back) entertain the crowd

Chapter 16

picture of myself

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