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This year, March is coming in like a lion with the unveiling of more than 40 web pages in 12 different languages. Hear the roar! now has more than 40 different pages in the Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, and Russian languages in addition to those in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Its outreach touches half of the world’s speakers. An additional 16 pages appear in the same twelve languages in

(You will find below a machine translation of texts into Chinese from English. Because there can be inaccuracies, the English text also appears.)

This is the personal website of Bill McGaughey, a long-time resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who grew up in Detroit and graduated from Yale University in 1964. He shares his sometimes unorthodox views and experiences with interested persons around the world.

The 12-language multilingual sites found in include the following:

Under “familytree” -

siblings - my siblings - Andrew, David, and Margaret McGaughey - (10,143 words)
authorsfather - William McGaughey Sr. obituary - Father of the creator of this website - (2,004 words)
disneyland - My parents’ role in promoting Disneyland - It started when American Motors became the television show's original sponsor - (1,587 words)
mittsmother - A visit with Mitt Romney’s mother- Making of a possible President in 2012 - (3,002 words)
franklincounty - Information about David McGaughey’s descendants in the history of Franklin Township, Indiana - A community book of history (Indianapolis) published in 1978 - (1,723 words)
resume - BillMcGaughey’s resume - List of lifetime activities of the creator of this web site - (758 words)
author - Short biography of William (“Bill”) McGaughey - About the Author of Five Epochs of Civilization - (711 words)
- High school heroes - chasing the early blaze of glory - (793 words)
accountant - What I did in my years as an accountant - As if allocation of indirect costs were not enough - (2,295words)
manofideas - the life of an idea man - Drawing upon a stock of personal idea-notes, he develops writing projects over the course of a lifetime - (3,773 words)
unusualevents - some unusual events and personalities in my life - Events before and after I moved to Minnesota - (995 words)

Under “worldhistory” -

prediction - Using world history to predict the future - Patterns in the first four epochs of civilization guide us toward the future - (5,385 words)
intimations - Intimations of a fifth civilization - How human society and culture may follow the capabilities of computing machines - (13,765 words)
outerspace - Speculations on human life in outer space - Our human identity lies ultimately in our culture and seed. - (1,955 words)
civilizationscheme - What is a civilization? - A society or a culture? - (1,046 words)
CThistory - A short history of Communication technologies - From written language to the Internet, the invention of new communication techniques has changed human culture - (13,829words)

Under “storyteller” -

reutte - My ceremony of self-initiation on a mountain top in Reutte, Austria - A search for God and self-discovery in perilous conditions - (15,113 words)
efschumacher - A visit with E.F. Schumacher - Invited to his mother's house in Munich to discuss philosophy and the existence of God - (1,196 words)
discrepancy - How I resolved a $129.64 discrepancy - The thought process needed to eliminate a dollar discrepancy on a computer report - (5,908 words)
checkpointcharlie - Farewell Checkpoint Charlie - Bill McGaughey returns to Germany after a 28-year absence - (1,991 words)
writingphilosophy - How at length I was able to write “Rhythm and Self-consciousness - Instead of trying to force the writing, I organized my information and went with the flow - (3,132 words)
sammy - Sammy, the pet squirrel - Tales from the urban forest - (1,810 words)
tiananmen - His and her adventures at Tiananmen Square - Husband’s delayed return gives wife a chance to exercise her selling skills - (3,024 words)
autopay - I pay other people’s cell phone or cable bills - Get my personal banking information and you’re home free. - (1,954 words)
DomAbuse-short - My two arrests for domestic abuse, condensed version - The story edited to stress the legal issues - (13,087 words)
Ford - Me and the Fords - As a young man, I crossed paths with the Fords and with John Bugas - (930 words)
sufi - My years in a “Sufi” singing group with Robert Bly and other men - A weekly or monthly event for nearly 25 years - (5,873 words)
mentaldecline - My mental decline - I woke up in November 2016 - (1,084 words)
fourminnesotans - Famous persons in America and my connection to them - Crossing paths with Bob Dylan, Garrison Keillor, Robert Bly, and Prince - (1,384 words)
timessquare - My father arranges to buy the Times Square building - It was up for sale in 1961 - (1,083 words)
fringe - My career as a fringe candidate for President and other elective offices - Six different political campaigns waged over 15 years - (1,926 words)
stassen - A message to Harold Stassen’s granddaughter - A dark secret from the past may lie buried in the Milford cemetery - (497 words)
mywebsites - About me and these websites - My life goes into creating messages on the internet - (2,653 words)
thewebsites - Some of Bill McGaughey’s other web sites that are not translated into foreign languages - A brief description of their topics and perspectives - (1,673 words)

under ”tellerofstories” -

Jewishprophecy - Prophetic expectations at the time of Jesus - List of Successive Jewish Propehecies relating to the Messiah (Albert Schweitzer's view) - (2,819 words)
yardsales - An American experience: the yard sale - A Chinese-American woman's shopping adventures in Minneapolis-St. Paul - (1,301 words)
burmashave - House of signs - or, the Burma-Shave story - The mass murder at Access Signage Systems office in Minneapolis, formerly the Burma-Shave factory - (987 words)
laney - A statement by the author of “A US-Mexico-Canada Free-Trade Agreement - Activities undertaken in Minnesota in 1991 to oppose NAFTA - (2,069 words)
Trumpinauguration - On the day after Trump’s inauguration - He’s a kindred spirit with respect to trade. - (1,540 words)
opposefreetrade - Why I oppose free trade- the short version - It boils down to revenues and costs from a national perspective - (1,134 words)
smokeyjoe - “Smokey Joe” Woods & the Boston Red Sox curse - A yarn about the World Champion Boston Red Sox and its ace pitcher of 1912 - (1,005 words) web sites

Bill McGaughey, author of “Five Epochs of Civilization” (Thistlerose Publications, 2000), has written an as yet unpublished book in the field of big history. Several articles about this have been posted here on line. Appearing in 12 languages, these include:

aboutthebook - about the book - History of the Triple Existence
cosmohistorian - William McGaughey, cosmohistorical designer - Organizing historical facts into a coherent and meaningful whole
timehascome - Big history is an idea whose time has come - Because techniques of scientific observation have improved
whatuse - Of what use is this cosmology? An invitation to ponder questions of human survival and further progress
- An alternative view of thresholds and historical turning points - a paper presented at the second conference of the International Big History Association
sciencestory - Storytelling and science in big history - A creation story based on theories accepted by contemporary science
reflections - Reflections upon the triple existence - The three-in-one in human experience
BHlearning - What can be learned from big history? - The story of how matter, life, and thought developed
howitexists - How the “triple existence” exists - Each type of being exists physically
thoughtsexistence - Thought as a component of the physical universe - projected through humanity’s collective knowledge and social organization
models - Some models of world history and big history - the story design of books published in both areas
historyplatform - A call to action - With existing models before you, create your own version of history
things - Things of the triple existence - A new way to see the world
trinity - The new trinity of the triple existence - How it's possible to see the world as a conjunction of three different types of being
self-awareness - Self-awareness of the triple existence - Your awareness of yourself comes alive with certain questions
aboutthought - About thought - Turning it into a type of being from a process



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