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Bill McGaughey has been a candidate for public office in eight different elections. They include:


1. Mayor of Minneapolis in mayoral primary (2001) The results: 143 votes (0.2% of total), finished 12th among 22 candidates

2. U.S. Senate in Minnesota's Independence Party primary (2002) The results: 8,482 votes (31.0% of total), finished 2nd among 3 candidates

3. President of the United States in Louisiana's Democratic primary (2004) The results: 3,161 votes (1.96% of total), finished 5th among 7 candidates

4. U.S. Congress, 5th District of Minnesota, in general election (2008) The results: 22,318 votes (6.92% of total), finished 3rd among 3 candidates

5. Mayor of Minneapolis in general election (2009) The results: 230 First Choice votes (0.5% of total), finished 9th among 11 candidates

6. Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota with Bob Carney (2010) Republican state primary The results: 9,856 votes (7.56% of total), finished 2nd among 4 candidates

7. State Representative in Minnesota house district 59-B (2012) The results: 79 votes (44.63% of total), finished 2nd among 2 candidates, dropped out 2 weeks before primary

8. President of the United States in New Hampshire's Democratic primary (2016) The results: 17 votes (0.01% of total), finished 22nd among 28 candidates



McGaughey has written books on his involvement in these election contests, some published in print form, some published on the Internet, and some published as e-books.


Links to materials on the web include the following:

1. Mayor of Minneapolis (2001): There is a short description of this campaign in chapter one of the Independence Party book. (three paragraphs) www.newindependenceparty/IP-1.html - 1 language (English)

2. U.S. Senate in Independence Party primary (2002): See On the Campaign Trail for U.S Senate in Minnesota Bill McGaughey takes on the party-endorsed candidate (12,889 words) Senatecampaign.html - 12 languages

3. U.S. President in Louisiana's Democratic presidential primary (2004): See My Five-Week Campaign in Louisiana Experiences of a candidate in Louisiana’s 2004 Democratic presidential primary (1,189 words) Louisiana.html - 12 languages

4. U.S. House of Representatives in Minnesota's 5th District (2008): See text of Inside an Independence Party's candidate for Congress in 2008. (68,642 words) www.newindependenceparty/Congress-summary.html - 5 languages

5. Mayor of Minneapolis (2009): See text of New Dignity Party and the 2009 Campaign for Mayor of Minneapolis. (47,552 words) www.newdignityparty/mayor2009-chapters.html - 5 languages

6. Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota with Bob Carney in 2010 Republican state primary (6,230 words) ltgovernor.html - 12 languages

7. my campaign for State Representative in Minnesota's 59-B house district A single-issue candidacy directed at Domestic Abuse policies (4,260 words) mylastcampaign.html - 12 languages

8. U.S. President in the New Hampshire Democratic primary (2017): I run for President in the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic primary five weeks in sickness and in health politicking in an eastern state (14,777 words) newhampshireprimary.html - 12 languages


Related articles:

An Overview of my Political Career -- How to lose eight elections in a row and still think it was worthwhile (966 words) www.overview.html - 12 languages

My Brushes with the Presidency -- Bill McGaughey’s various encounters with U.S. Presidents or would-be Presidents over the years (8,432 words) www.brushes.html - 12 languages

My career as a wingnut candidate for high political office -- I embrace shorter work hours, strategic tariffs, and dignity for white males (1,911 words) www.wingnutcandidate.html - 12 languages

Can a white man achieve identity heaven? -- He can sure try. (1,191 words) www.identityheaven.html - 12 languages

My Identity Organization: a Call to Action -- White males organizing for a better society (1,138 words) www.MIO.html - 12 languages


See also: In defense of being a perennial candidate (2,327 words) www.perennialcandidate.html - 12 languages

See also: The McGaughey who might have been Governor of Minnesota (1,089 words) www.Zachary.html - 12 languages

See also: The progressive Republican tradition and its prospect for the future (9,702 words) www.progressiverepublican.html - 12 languages

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Kindle e-books

Recently a new series of e-books titled "Candidate Chronicles" have been published on Amazon's Kindle which incorporate materials from this website. They include the following works:

Book 1 2002: A former landlord activist, I make myself obnoxious to both Democrats and Republicans as an Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate - ASIN B0109K5BOK $3.49

Book 2 2004: I run for President as a Democrat in the Louisiana primary - ASIN B0109O833C $3.99

Book 3 2008: My break-out year as a perennial candidate, this time for Congress - ASIN B0109QOKP0 $3.99

Book 4 2009: The racial nose dive in a campaign for mayor of Minneapolis - ASIN B0109TGMOO $3.49

Book 5 2010 & 2011: Up and down as a Republican candidate, then back to the Independence Party - ASIN B0109ZB5G8 $3.99

Of course, you can get much of this for free by going to links on this web page but paying less than $4.00 to read the text on a Kindle e-book may not be too high a price to pay for the convenience. There are also some additional materials. If ordering from Kindle, look for a cover with an image like this:




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