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William McGaughey's and Parents' Resumes


Resume of William McGaughey, Jr.

NAME McGaughey, William Howard Taft, Jr.
ADDRESS xxxx Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405
TELEPHONE (612) 374-xxxx E-MAIL


August 1992 to present rental-property owner and manager three properties west of downtown Minneapolis; 9-unit apartment bldg., 4-plex , and duplex
1980 to present owner of Thistlerose Publications self-publishing firm
Oct. 1980 to May 1996 Metropolitan Transit Commission Minneapolis, MN cost accountant , member of Transit Redesign Project team
Jan. 1980 to July 1980 Hudson Products North Hudson, WI controller
Jan. 1974 to Oct. 1979 American Hoist and Derrick Co. St. Paul, MN cost accountant, asst. accounting manager
June 1972 to Oct. 1972 Alexander Grant & Co Minneapolis, MN trainee
March 1965 to April 1966 Minnesota Dept. of Public Welfare St. Paul, MN accountant in budget section


Cranbrook School Bloomfield Hills, MI high school diploma in 1958
Yale University New Haven, CT B.A. degree in June 1964 Major in English, minor in philosophy
Rutgers University Newark, NJ attended in 1964 Received 30 credits in accounting and business subjects
Univ. of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN attended 1969 to 1971, 1995 Received 30 credits in accounting, 4 credits in G.I.S.
self study Passed the CPA examination in November 1971


house and lot 100 Sawkill Ave., Milford, PA a single-residence house inherited1997
house and lot 1702 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN a fourplex partially occupied by owner acquired 1992
apartment bldg. and lot 1708 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN a nine-unit apartment building acquired 1993
house and lot 1715 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN a duplex acquired 2002
vacant lot 1719 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN vacant lot adjacent to duplex acquired 2006
woodland and log cabin Orienta Township near Port Wing, WI forty acres of wood land
acquired 1977


2004 Candidate for U.S. President in Louisiana’s Democratic primary finished fifth among seven candidates 3,161 votes (2% of total)
2002 Candidate for U.S. Senate in Minnesota’s Independence Party primary finished second among three candidates 8,482 votes (31% of total)
2001 Candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis, MN in nonpartisan primary finished twelfth of twenty-two candidates 143 votes (0% of total)

2006 to present Metro Property Rights Action Committee co-chair
1995 to 2006 Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee member of executive committee
2005 to present Harrison Neighborhood Association area representative
1992 to present Sufi chant group organized by Robert Bly participating member
2001 to present International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations participating member
1992 to present Citizens for Global Solutions Minnesota state board member
1991 to 1996 Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition co-founder and early chair of program committee
1992 to 1993 UAW New Directions and National Writers Union member
1985 to 1991 Society for the Reduction of Human Labor co-chair
1977 to 1982 General Committee for a Shorter Workweek founder
1985 to 1991 Minnesota Independent Publishers Association member, two-term treasurer


On the Ballot in Louisiana: Running for President to Fight National Decay 2004 Thistlerose
The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics: Adventures & Opinions of an IP Senate Candidate 2003 Thistlerose
Rhythm and Self-Consciousness: New Ideals for an Electronic Civilization 2001 Thistlerose
Five Epochs of Civiliation: World History as Emerging in Five Civilizations 2000 Thistlerose
A U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Do We Just Say No? 1992 Thistlerose
Nonfinancial Economics: The Case for Shorter Hours of Work, coauthored with Eugene McCarthy 1989 Praeger
Punchdrunk Man Reader by Chester Mack 1987 Thistlerose
A Shorter Workweek in the 1980s 1981 Thistlerose


What Jesus was Thinking: Albert Schweitzer’s View of his Messianic Self-Consciousness written in 2005


Opinion articles in newspapers such as the New York Times (1979), Los Angeles Times (1982), Christian Science Monitor (1982), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1985), and (Minneapolis) Star Tribune (1995). Regular contributor to The Watchdog, a free-circulation newspaper in Minneapolis/ St. Paul.
Since 1999: created websites such as,,, and


AGE 65
HEALTH excellent
MARITAL STATUS married, one daughter (third marriage)
DATED January 8, 2007


***** *** ***** *** ***** *** *****


Resume of William McGaughey, Sr. (father)

William H. McGaughey, Senior Vice President in charge of Public Relations for the National Association of Manufacturers, came to the NAM on December 1, 1963, from American Motors Corporation where he was Vice President in charge of Communications.

Mr. McGaughey’s professional career covers more than a quarter century in the industrial communications field. He joined American Motors in 1952 as assistant to George Romney. Two years later he was named director of communications, and in 1956 was elected vice president.

A graduate of DePauw University, Mr. McGaughey spent four years in newspaper work in Indianapolis and on the Wall Street Journal in New York. He began his public relations career with the headquarters staff of the Western Electric Company.

Mr. McGaughey launched American Motors’ initial management development, college recruitment and personnel training programs. He also assisted the president in pioneering new communications mechanisms to improve relationships with employees, automobile dealers, stockholders and consumers. As coordinator of corporate advertising and exhibits, he was responsible for the company’s Disneyland Park display and the 1959 American National Exhibition display in the U.SS.R.

Mr. McGaughey is the author of a pictorial history of the automobile industry, and of articles in national publications. He was president of the Detroit Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and a national director of PRSA.

He is a member of the University Club, New York City, and the National Press Club, Washington D.C. He is married and has three sons and a daughter.

(This biography was prepared for a 1969 trade mission to Sweden, representing the NAM.)

(Additional items: William McGaughey, Sr. was general chairman of the 1956 National Automobile Show in New York City, after persuading the chairman of General Motors to join the other auto companies in an industry-wide show in replacement of its own “Motorama”. He also arranged for American Motors to buy the Times building in Times Square, New York for a modest price but the post-Romney board did not approve the plan. He was also chairman of the Oakland Citizens League in Michigan and later president of New York City Public Relations Society of America.)


***** *** ***** *** ***** *** *****


Resume of Joan D. McGaughey, Sr. (mother)

Name: Joanna McGaughey ( Mrs. William H.)

Address: 540 N Street Southwest, Washington D.C. 20024 (Later: 100 Sawkill Ave Milford PA 18337)

Education: De Pauw University (Greencastle, Indiana) Bachelor of Arts; Columbia University School of Journalism, Journalism degree; Additional work done at Yale University, the extension services of the University of Michigan

Member: Newswomen’s Club of New York, Inc. Also have privileges of National Press Club in Washington, D.C., of which my husband is a member.

Work Experience: Associated Press (New York - four years), a daily newspaper (Tarrytown, N.Y. Daily News and a weekly newspaper (Scarsdale, N.Y. Inquirer) assorted magazine and other publications - both features and news stories, including Detroit Free Press, Toronto (Canada) Sunday Star, Milford, Pa. Dispatch (now called Pike County Dispatch), DePauw University Alumni magazine. I have also written many letters to the editor which have appeared in everything from the New York Times to the Pike County Dispatch.

Life experience: 25 years in Detroit, Michigan, and its suburbs, where my husband was with the automobile industry until 1963, when he left to join the National Association of Manufacturers in New York. When the NAM moved its national officers to Washington slightly less than three years ago we moved here. (He is Senior Vice President - will retire in March, 1977 when we hope to have full time to devote to travel and writing.) He was a Vice President of American Motors Corporation, responsible for public relations - among other things - before joining NAM. 10 years in New York City. Slightly under three years in Washington, D.C. My husband began his journalistic career on newspapers in Indianapolis, Indiana, went to New York to be on the Wall Street Journal.

Special interests:

1. International Affairs. While in Detroit I was a member of the board of the International Institute, among others. I am currently a member of the American Council for Nationalities Service in which capacity I have chaired two national conventions and was also chairman of the most active committee for several years. We have had foreign students from many countries in our home - one for a school year, three for portions of a summer each. Our third son roomed with a Kikuyu - in high school. All four of our children have either been exchange students or have studied in foreign universities.

2. Cultural and educational activities. These include serving as chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, school system, as a member of the board of two opera committees and one ballet company.

3. Young people and their interests and problems. We have three sons and one daughter. They attended: Yale, Harvard, the University of California - Berkeley, Stanford University.


Africa. My husband and I attended the first All-Africa Public Relations Conference held last June in Nairobi. The attached informal report on that was written for the 19 who were in our group, but was sent to the others, including Carl Reindorf, Margaret Kenyatta - Mayor of Nairobi, and various officers of the International Public Relations Association, which sponsored the conference.)

Europe. My husband was sent by the automobile industry in the early 50s to talk with and interview Mr. Winston Churchill and I sent with him, subsequently writing a number of articles for publication. We have also traveled in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, though not extensively.

Scandinavia. We had an extensive trip through Norway, parts of Sweden and Denmark, also Helsinki, Finland, in 1968.

The U.S.S.R. My husband was the American Motors Corporation executive assigned to attend the American Exhibition in Sokolniki Park, Moscow, in 1959. We were both present at the famous “Kitchen Debate” - because our American Motors car was in the driveway in front of the American home, where the debate occurred. We managed, prior to the opening of the exhibition, on July 4, to see a good deal of the Soviet areas - Leningrad, of course, Kiev, Samarkand, Alma Ata, Tashkent. We “touched down” brief during our Scandinavian trip, at Leningrad again in 1968.

Middle East. Our third son was a student at the American University in Beirut in 1966 0 our treason for a trip to that part of the world. We also saw a good deal of Israel, Jordan, Egypt (both Cairo and Alexandria, as well as the Valley of the Kings), and had one day in Damascus.

Central America. We had one month in Panama way back in 1948, but I do no tknow as much about South America as we could wish.

Orient. I have not been to the Orient - but my husband has had three trips there, largely in Japan and once in Korea. We have many Japanese friends, including a few important officials in the business world in Japan.

Skills: I can do both news and feature writing. I have edited may pieces of writing by others. I was responsible for selecting photographs for amy stories at the Associated Press and, for a time, was an amateur photographer myself. I can write headlines. I can also do layouts - a skill I learned while I worked on the weekly newspaper in Scarsdale, New York, as well as my work for a time as woman’s editor of the Associated Press Feature Service. I am accustomed to social and business activities with all sorts of people - especially business executives and their wives, some diplomats. I have been invited to join a White House briefing group which meets four times each year at the White House - as the guest of the wife of a top government officials. I have attended many hearings of both House and Senate committees, know many officials, am especially good at interviews, since I am interested in all sorts of people.

References: Pauline Frederick (former NBC correspondent at the UN); Carl Reindorf, Accra, Ghana; Daniel S. Parker, administrator for the Agency for International Development.

(Additional items: Mother was president of the DePauw chapter of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, in 1931-32. Kappa Alpha Theta is the first college sorority in the United States. It was founded at DePauw in 1870. She was also selected to give the 50th anniversary address at DePauw commencement exercises in 1982. Presidential confidant Vernon Jordan gave the 25th anniversary address in the same year. The family homestead at 309 E. Seminary Street in Greencastle, Indiana, borders the college campus. The house was sold to a fraternity. At the Associated Press in New York in the late 1930s, she had her own bylined column. She later wrote a column, "Beyond the Beltway", for the Pike County Dispatch.)

Application to John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Name: Joanna (Mrs. William H.) McGaughey

Address: 540 N Street Southwest, Washington, D.C. 20024

Present Position: none

Field of scholarship or art: writing.

Title of project: “The Making of a Schizophrenic”

State: Here in Washington and also at 100 Sawkill Avenue, Milford, PA 18337, where we have a house.

Dates: April 1, 1981 to April 1, 1982

Place and date of birth: Greencastle, Indiana, August 25, 1911

Citizenship: U.S.

Sex: F

Marital status: Married

Children: four children; Wm. Jr., 39; Andrew, 38; David, 36; Margaret, 32

Husband: William H. McGaughey

Education: DePauw U. four years, AB 1932; Columbia University School of Journalism, one year 1933-34, B.J. 1934

Foreign Languages: can read French, speak some

Professional associations: New York Newspaper Woman’s club

Positions held: Associated Press, 1936-1940, feature writer and editor, Sept. 1936-1940 Marriage took me to Michigan. Compensation was very low, ended up earning $100 a week; Tarrytown Daily News, 1934-36, writer; Scarsdale Inquirer, writer 1933-34

References: Mr and Mrs. Charles Robbins (Pauline Frederick), formerly Wall Street Journal and NBC, 1 Stony Point, Westport, Conn. 06880; Mr. Douglas Hay, editor of Pike County Dispatch, Milford, PA 18337; Mrs. Laurena Pringle Kilpatrick, was women’s editor, Detroit Free Press, 3259 Albert Drive, Royal Oak, Mich 48072; T. George Harris was editor of Psychology Today, 62 Hodge Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

Signed: Joanna McGaughey in Washington, D.C., on July 31, 1980

Note: This resume was written in 1976.

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