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Proponent of Shorter Work Hours and Humane Trade Regulation


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The Story of Bill McGaughey’s Involvement with this Issue - A “new wave” advocate of shorter working hours (2016) 7,440 words www.biography.html - 5 languages

Let's Recapture May Day - This holiday originated in America as fight for eight-hour day though no longer celebrated here (1985) 1,171 wordswww.mayday.html - 5 languages

The Nature of Work in a Knowledge-based Economy - The quantity of work may not be proportionate to man-hours (1989, 2010) 4,481 words www.knowledgeeconomy.html - 5 languages

My Trade Activism in 1991 - Starting with a trinational conference, an anti-NAFTA movement takes root in Minnesota (1991) 1,635 words www.fairtrade.html - 5 languages

Political and financial history of Mexico before the adoption of NAFTA Financial squeeze causes Mexican government to adopt business-friendly policies (1992) 6,503 words www.NAFTA.html - 5 languages

Remembering Eugene McCarthy - friends with a great man through our common interest in shorter working hours (2005) 1,262 words www.McCarthy.html - 5 languages

It’s time to reconsider shorter work time - Thinking outside the box for the President’s summit on employment (2009) 3,680 wordswww.shorterworkweek/summit.html - 5 languages

A short history of shorter working hours - The struggle to reduce work time from antiquity to the present day (2009) 10,557 words www.shorterworkweek/swwhistory.html - 5 languages


See the website at It has a complete set of writings on this subject.


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