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2008electionresults.html politicalcandidate Analysis of election results - 5th district (Minnesota) U.S. Congress 2008
2008raceforcongress.html politicalcandidate Analysis of election results - 5th district (Minnesota) U.S. Congress 2008
2008race4congress.html politicalcandidate Inside an Independence Party candidate’s campaign for Congress in Minnesota’s fifth district in 2008
accountant.html family What I did in my years as an accountant
adventure.html personal

Adventures with Bill


afterwards.html personal Life after the decline
Americanman.html personal Insights and experiences of a 76-year-old American man
analysis.html analysis Philosophical, analytical, and creative writings
anthonyforesta.html legalchallenges An eyewitness at the murder trial of Anthony London Foresta
athleticrhythms.html RSC Rhythm in sports
author.html family About the author
authorsfather.html family About the author's father, William McGaughey
authorstatement.html RSC Rhythm and self-consciousness in writing this book 
autopay.html storyteller I pay other people’s cell phone or cable bills
BillMcG.html front page The personal website of Bill McGaughey
biography.html SWW-trade The story of Bill McGaughey’s involvement with this issue
bloomberg.html SWW-trade An exchange on trade policy with the mayor of New York
blowout.html landlordadvocate Election blow-out: Property rights group's impact on the 2001 Minneapolis city elections
bobdylan.htm politicalcandidate (no title)
books.html   Complete book manuscripts
brandt.html politicalcandidate Ellison has fewer foes and a far easier path to victory
brushes.html storyteller My brushes with the Presidency
burmashave.html tellerofstories House of Signs - or, the Burma-Shave story
buyers.html worldhistory New ways of finding buyers of commercial products as civilizations change
buyproperty.html tellerofstories Someone wants my property
campaign.html worldhistory Campaigning for high political office in the fourth epoch of civilization
candidatelist.html politicalcandidate List of candidates in the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary
carlharstad.html tellerofstories Recollections of Carl L. Harstad - Part 1
carlharstad-2.html tellerofstories Recollections of Carl L. Harstad - Part 2
carney.html politicalcandidate William McGaughey for lieutenant governor of Minnesota
chapter1.html politicalcandidate Chapter 1 - Four campaigns
chapter2.html politicalcandidate Chapter 2 - Preparing for a race in 2008
chapter3.html politicalcandidate Chapter 3 - Presidential politics
chapter4.html politicalcandidate Chapter 4 - Plotting a campaign for U.S. Senate
chapter5.html politicalcandidate Chapter 5 - My attempt to organize a conference on trade
chapter6.html politicalcandidate Chapter 6 - Development of issues and a website
chapter7.html politicalcandidate Chapter 7 - The Senate endorsement 
chapter8.html politicalcandidate Chapter 8 - Switching to the Congressional race
chapter9.html politicalcandidate Chapter 9 - Letters from special-interest groups
chapter10.html politicalcandidate Chapter 10 - Politicking in the E-Democracy forum 
chapter11.html politicalcandidate Chapter 11 - The immigration issue
chapter12.html politicalcandidate Chapter 12 - Michael Bloomberg and Brian Moore
chapter13.html politicalcandidate Chapter 13 - Letters from special-interest groups
chapter14.html politicalcandidate Chapter 14 - The Republican National Convention
chapter15.html politicalcandidate Chapter 15 - Contact with voters
chapter16.html politicalcandidate Chapter 16 - The candidate debates
chapter17.html politicalcandidate Chapter 17 - Stiffed by the Star Tribune
chapter18.html politicalcandidate Chapter 18 - Run-up to the election
chapter19.html politicalcandidate Chapter 19 - The election results, some fall out, and a happy ending to the year
chapter20.html politicalcandidate Chapter 20 - More on Keith Ellison and other political figures
chaptersumm.html worldhistory Summary of individual chapters
charlestonmurders.html analysis The shootings in Charleston, South Carolina
checkpointcharlie.html storyteller Farewell Checkpoint Charlie
chunks.hyml summary Chunks of writing in this website
civicduty.html landlordadvocate A civic obligation
civilization1.html worldhistory A short history of Civilization I
civilization2.html worldhistory A short history of Civilization II
civilization3.html worldhistory A short history of Civilization III
civilization4.html worldhistory A short history of Civilization IV
civilizationscheme.html   What is a civilization?
communitypolicing1.html landlordadvocate Neighborhood group and community police press the city of Minneapolis to condemn my apartment building
complaints.html legalchallenges Some criticisms of the Minnesota court system
tied to experiences documented here
concentration.html analysis Rhythm and self-consciousness in my own life
conspiracies.html analysis A confession: I believe in “conspiracy theories”.
consumerism.html worldhistory Battles over sacred time and space
corruption.html analysis Toward a new definition of public corruption 
cthistory-new.html worldhistory A short history of communication technologies
ctideals.html worldhistory How communication technology drives civilization's changing ideals
cuttingedge.html worldhistory On the cutting edge of knowledge: A short history of the most advanced techniques of establishing truth in each age
czaplewski.html landlordadvocate Sam Czaplewski’s troubling experience with the city of Minneapolis
DA-1.html legalchallenges Domestic abuse - the big picture
DAcourtplans.html legalchallenges Pertinent laws and arguments related to this case of domestic abuse
DApolicychange.html legalchallenges Public policy recommendations 
darkdangerous.html analysis Poems dark and dangerous 
DavidMcGaughey.html family About the original McGaughey ancestor (David)
who came to America from Northern Ireland
debtcycle.html   The end of a long cycle
demetzarticle.html worldhistory Review of Prague in black and gold by Peter Demetz
dialecticalshuttles.html RSC Dialectical shuttles 
discrepancy.html storyteller How I resolved a $129.64 discrepancy
Disneyland.html family My parents' role in promoting Disneyland
divas.html landlordadvocate The city of St. Paul closes down Diva’s bar
divorcebook.html storyteller An unrepresented man's odyssey in divorce court: A case study of divorce in Minnesota carried through a successful appeal and subsequent disasters
divorcecourt.html storyteller An unrepresented person’s odyssey in divorce court
divorcedocuments.html storyteller The flow of documents in a Minnesota divorce
divorcestory.html storyteller An unrepresented man’s odyssey in divorce court: A case study of divorce in Minnesota carried through a partially successful appeal
domabuse-links.html storyteller Resources for those falsely accused of domestic abuse
DomAbuse-short.html storyteller My two arrests for domestic abuse - condensed version
domesticabuse.html storyteller My arrest and conviction for domestic assault
domabuse.html storyteller Domestic abuse - the big picture
domesticabuse-1.html storyteller My arrest and conviction for domestic assault
earlyhistory.html landlordadvocate MPRAC's early history
econoeffecthtml SWW-trade The economic effect of shorter working hours
EdwardMcGaughey.html family My name sake who might have become the first governor of Minnesota
efschumacher.html storyteller A visit with E.F. Schumacher 
endjudicialabuse.html legalchallenges Can judicial abuse be controlled?
Europeantrips.html family The writings of Joanna and William McGaughey
EWMcGaughey.html family More information about Edward W. McGaughey
existentialthreats.html worldhistory An existential threat to our civilization
explanations.html personal Elaborations and explanations
fairtrade.html SWW-trade My trade activism in 1991
family.html family Family background
familytree.html family My family tree
fatherfamilya.html family The birth family of William McGaughey, Sr.
firsttwodivorces.html storyteller My first two marriages and divorces
Ford.html storyteller Me and the Fords 
foreclosure.html legalchallenges On the receiving end of hardball litigation in a foreclosure
forumdiscussion.html   View of the election four years later
fourminnesotans.html storyteller Famous persons in America and my connection to them
franklincounty.html family Information about David McGaughey’s descendants in history of Franklin township, Indiana
franklincountyhistory.html family Information about David McGaughey’s descendants in history of Franklin township, Indiana
franklinromero.html tellerofstories Minneapolis reacts to two police killings on the same day
fraudulentadvertising.html analysis The essentially fraudulent nature of pharmaceutical advertising on television
fringe.html storyteller My career as a fringe candidate for President and other elective offices
gangsign.html tellerofstories Did the Mayor of Minneapolis flash a gang sign in public?
genderfairness.html legalchallenges Time to revisit "gender fairness" in the courts
goalsinlife.html analysis On goals in life
governmentregulation.html SWW-trade Government as regulator of the labor market
harrison.html storyteller Wastrel neighborhood association votes whistle-blower off its board
Hearst.html family Father’s remembrance of being a young Wall Street Journal reporter
highschoolheroes.html family High school heroes
historicaljesus.html analysis Life of the historical Jesus
HNA2017.html politicalcandidate Obzor Moyey politicheskoy kar'yery
housingentrepreneur.html landlordadvocate Travails of a housing-management entrepreneur
IBHApaper.html bhs-mainpage A paper presented by William McGaughey at the second conference of the International Big History Association
identityheaven.html politicalcandidate Can a white man achieve identity heaven?
identitystories.html storyteller A question of identity
illustrations.html politicalcandidate Illustrations for story of mayor’s race
images.html   More information about Edward W. McGaughey
incompetent.html analysis Our incompetent future
index.html   The personal website of Bill McGaughey - (same as BillMcG)
initialcollection.html summary An initial collection of sites
intelligentdesires.html RSC Aristotle’s philosophy of intelligent desire
interactive.html no link none
internaldynamichtml worldhistory An internal dynamic causing the decline and fall of civilizations
internationalist.html SWW-trade Outline of an internationalist proposal for “fair trade”
internetinventions.html worldhistory Three Internet inventions as told by their creators
intimations-new.html worldhistory Intimations of a fifth civilization
iscsc2007.html worldhistory Using world history to predict the future of the first civilization
iscscarticle.html worldhistory World civilization identified with five epochs of history
japan.html SWW-trade New priorities for Japan
jermainestansberry.html analysis Analysis of Jermaine Stansberry’s conviction for the murder of Brandon Hall
Jewishprophecy.html tellerofstories Summary of prophetic expectations at the time of Jesus
judgeswenson.html legalchallenges I file a complaint against Judge James T. Swenson
juryduty.html legalchallenges The jury experience
knowgod.html worldhistory God’s authority in the world
knowledgeeconomy.html SWW-trade The nature of work in a knowledge-based economy
landlordadvocate.html landlordadvocate Landlord advocate
landlords.html landlordadvocate Rampaging landlords: An example of activism
laney.html tellerofstories A Statement by the author of “A U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement”
lastwar.html SWW-trade Fighting the last war SWW-trade lIt’s time to share the work and the pie. 
lawyersboard.html legalchallenges Ethics complaint of William McGaughey against attorney Wing-Sze Wong Sun before Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
lawyersboard1.html legalchallenges Ethics complaint of William McGaughey against attorney


legalchallenges same as above - pseudonyms used
leaflet.html legalchallenges Strip the robes off judges (a leaflet)
leehelgen.html landlordadvocate The Watchdog infiltrates a St. Paul community meeting led by Council Member Lee Helgen 
legalchallenges.html legalchallenges Legal challenges
leonardcohen.html storyteller A scheme to mix politics and the arts
letter.html legalchallenges Some problems with Minnesota courts: a letter to anyone who cares
lettertomembers.html landlordadvocate A letter to former MPRAC members on the email list
listofwebsites.html summary Most heavily trafficked web pages under Bill McGaughey’s control in May 2016 and links to them
longerdescription.html worldhistory Brief histories of four key institutions in society
louisiana.html politicalcandidate My five-week campaign in Louisiana
ltgov-1.html politicalcandidate William McGaughey's letter to Minnesota media after accepting offer to run for Lieutenant Governor
ltgov-2.html politicalcandidate Carney/McGaughey campaign ggenda for 2010
ltgovernor.html politicalcandidate My campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota in 2010
lying.html analysis The joys of lying
machopolice.html analysis Thoughts on police reform
manofideas.html family The life of an idea man
march.html analysis Let white people march!
mattson.html landlordadvocate Rey and Pat Mattson’s ordeal: The lawsuit from Hell
Mayday.html SWW-trade Let’s recapture May Day
mayor-1.html politicalcandidate Chapter 1 - Why I ran for mayor
mayor-2.html politicalcandidate Chapter 2 - Candidate forums sponsored by Metro Property Rights Action Committee
mayor-3.html politicalcandidate Chapter 3 - A publicity event at the site of Uncle Bill’s food market
mayor-4.html politicalcandidate Chapter 4 - Starting a new political party and filing for office
mayor-5.html politicalcandidate Chapter 5 - Financial-disclosure considerations
mayor-6.html politicalcandidate Chapter 6 - The website
mayor-7.html politicalcandidate Chapter 7 - The “little literature” campaign
mayor-8.html politicalcandidate Chapter 8 - The lawn sign campaign
mayor-9.html politicalcandidate Chapter 9 - Campaigning in the Minneapolis E-democracy forum
mayor-10.html politicalcandidate Chapter 10 - How the campaign was reported
mayor-11.html politicalcandidate Chapter 11 - The racial aspect
mayor-12.html politicalcandidate Chapter 12 - Literature drops and other attempts at outreach
mayor-13.html politicalcandidate Chapter 13 - My fellow candidates enter the picture
mayor-14.html politicalcandidate Chapter 14 - Election day
mayor-15.html politicalcandidate Chapter 15 - Post mortem
mayor-16.html politicalcandidate Chapter 16 - The future of New Dignity Party
mayorcandidate.html politicalcandidate Political beginnings in the 2001 contest for mayor of Minneapolis and related activities
mccarthy.html SWW-trade Remembering Eugene McCarthy family Notable associations of the McQuesten and Sawyer famlies
medications.html storyteller Medications - a personal diatribe
meldahl.html analysis Steve Meldahl, Don Samuels, Northside blogs, and the lost generation
mentaldecline.html personal My mental decline
MIO.html politicalcandidate My identity organization: a call to action
mittsmother.html family A visit with Mitt Romney's mother
mnhumanrights.html storyteller A complaint to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights
money.html analysis Money as fiction: Money and banking in the United States
moreaboutme.html personal More about me
motherfamily.html family The birth family of Joanna D. McGaughey
Mplsmayor.html politicalcandidate View of the election four years later
muscatine.html family What I share with China’s supreme leader
musicalrhythms.html RSC Rhythm in music
mydailywalk.html personal My daily ten-minute walk
mylastcampaign.html politicalcandidate My campaign for state representative in 2012
mylife.html personal Some interesting events in Bill McGaughey's life
mystory.html family In search of my own identity
mywebsites.html storyteller About me and these websites
NAFTA.html SWW-trade Political and financial history of Mexico before the adoption of NAFTA
NDparty.html politicalcandidate New Dignity Party and the 2009 campaign for mayor of Minneapolis
newcollege.html analysis A proposal for a new type of college
newhampshireprimary.html politicalcandidate I run for President in the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic primary
newways.html worldhistory New ways of finding buyers of commercial products as civilizations change
notashamed.html analysis I am not ashamed/afraid to be white SWW-trade Full employment for all 
opposefreetrade.html tellerofstories Why I oppose free trade - the short version
osterman.html landlordadvocate How Nancy Osterman lost her home
ourfamily.html family The family of William and Joanna McGaughey
outline.html worldhistory Outline of the book
outerspace.html worldhistory Speculations on human life in outer space 
outreach.html personal Some interesting aspects of Bill McGaughey’s life
overview.html politicalcandidate An overview of my political career
papepistles.html family Epistles from Pap
parentsresume.html family William H. McGaughey (father) and Joan D. McGaughey (mother) resumes
payson.html family Payson: The last time I almost became a father
peacerally.html landlordadvocate Crashing a peace rally
perennialcandidate.html politicalcandidate In defense of being a perennial candidate
personal.html personal Personal
philosophicalunderpinnings.html RSC How cultural ideals change with changing communication technologies
photos.html family Links to family photographs
photographicillustrations.html   Photographs appearing in the articles
platonicideas.html RSC Plato’s idea of form
poetry.html analysis Poetry and me
politicalcandidate.html politicalcandidate Political candidate
prediction.html worldhistory Predicting the future
primetime.html storyteller What I did in Times Square at the turning of the Millennium
prince.html storyteller Crossing paths with Prince, the rock star
professorunum.html analysis Professor Unum’s television commercial
progressiverepublican.html politicalcandidate The progressive Republican tradition and its prospect for the future
questionableactivities.html legalchallenges Some horrors of Minnesota family court
raceinHarrison.html analysis About Harrison neighborhood and racial justice
resume.html family William McGaughey's resume
resumes.html personal William McGaughey's and parents' resumes
reutte.html storyteller My ceremony of self-initiation on a mountain top in Reutte, Austria
rhythmexperience.html RSC The experience of rhythm
rhythmicconcentration.html analysis Self-consciousness and rhythmic concentration
rite4U.html tellerofstories Ask your dok-ta if living past the age of 40 is rite 4 U.
roadrunners.html storyteller A dream of roadrunners in Minnesota’s 1966 Republican gubernatorial campaign
ronfolger.html landlordadvocate The Minneapolis Inspections department goes after Ron Folger
RSC.html RSC Rhythm and self-consciousness
ruggles.html landlordadvocate Floyd Ruggles’ unhappy experience with the city of Minneapolis 
salzburgmeeting.html worldhistory Topics discussed at the 1961 meeting of civilization scholars in Salzburg 
sammy.html storyteller Sammy, the pet squirrel
secretbegin.html tellerofstories The secret beginnings of the U.S. entertainment industry
selfconsciousness.html analysis Self-consciousness as a causal force in the world
selfconscioushabit.html RSC The intellectual or self-consciousness as a way of life 
senatecampaign.html politicalcandidate On the campaign trail for U.S. Senate
searchforgold.html tellerofstories Searching for gold
search4standards.html SWW-trade A search for trade standards to protect labor and the environment
siblings.html family My siblings
smokeyjoe.html tellerofstories "Smokey Joe" Wood and the Red Sox curse
somehorrors.html legalchallenges Some horrors of Minnesota divorce court
speaker.html landlordadvocate Betty Speaker’s story
specialization.html worldhistory Specialized institutions emerging in world history
stable.html summary His stable of websites and published writings
stassen.html storyteller A message to Harold Stassen’s granddaughter
storyteller.html storyteller Personal storyteller
stpaulglobe.html analysis Bill McGaughey, the newspaper columnist
successesandfailures.html tellerofstories Some of humanity’s successes and failures experienced during my life time
sufi.html storyteller My twenty-five years in a “Sufi” singing group with Robert Bly and other men
summary.html BillMcGaughey Summary of web pages
summit.html SWW-trade It’s time to reconsider shorter work time.
sundberg.html landlordadvocate How Dave Sundberg’s house was taken through condemnation by eminent domain 
swalloworbeswallowed.html RSC Swallow or be swallowed
swwford.html SWW-trade The five-day week in the Ford plants
swwhistory.html SWW-trade A short history of shorter working hours
sww-trade.html sww-trade Proponent of shorter work hours and humane trade regulation
targowskiarticle.html worldhistory Review of information technology and societal development by Andrew Targowski
tellerofstories.html tellerofstories Teller of other stories
telluridepaper.html analysis Steps toward a more successful government
test.html legalchallenges Test
theprimordialway.html RSC Complexity and the primordial way
thewebsites.html storyteller Some of Bill McGaughey’s other web sites that are not translated into foreign languages
thingslearned.html analysis Things learned maybe before I was able to speak
tiananmen.html storyteller His and her adventures at Tiananmen square
timessquare.html storyteller My father arranges to buy the Times Square building
tonightshow.html storyteller Me and the Tonight show
toofocused.html analysis Too focused for my own good
tradingsystem.html SWW-trade A labor and environmentally oriented trading system
translation.html   WebSiteTranslations
translations.html   WebSiteTranslations
treasurechest.html   ThistleRose TreasureChest
trialorder.html   The trial order (for Lian and me)
trumpinauguration.html tellerofstories On the day after Trump’s inauguration
truthbeauty.html analysis On truth and beauty
twoarticles.html family Two articles by Joanna McGaughey in the Port Jervis Gazette
twoletters.html storyteller Two letters, same message: A walk through history
unionleaderarticle.html politicalcandidate Lesser-known presidential candidates seize the spotlight
universitypay.html politicalcandidate Highly paid employees at the University of Minnesota
unusualevents.html family Some unusual events and personalities in my life
victim.html analysis Aggression of the victimized minority
whiteprivilege.html analysis The roots of white self-hatred
whythis.html legalchallenges Why this?
wingnutcandidate.html politicalcandidate My career as a wingnut candidate for high political office
wistfulworld.html family Our graduate club - a wistful world, fondly remembered
worldhistory.html worldhistory World history in five epochs of civilization
writingphilosophy.html storyteller How at length I was able to write “Rhythm and Self-Consciousness”
writtenmemories.html family Ancestral memories in letters from William McGaughey's relatives
wu.html landlordadvocate How the state nuisance law was applied to James Wu
yardsales.html tellerofstories An American experience: the yard sale
zachary.html politicalcandidate The McGaughey who might have been Governor of Minnesota
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