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World History in Five Epochs of Civilization


Links to stories of the first four epochs of civilization:

A Short History of Civilization I - How government has developed since the Sumerian and Egyptian city states (1999) 14,388 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization1.html - 1 language (English)

A Short History of Civilization II - How world religion became a power center in society (1999) 15,265 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization2.html - 1 language (English)

A Short History of Civilization III - Development of European and world culture following the Renaissance (1999) 14,635 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization3.html - 1 language (English)

A Short History of Civilization IV - The emergence of the entertainment culture as today’s civilization (1999) 14,36l words www.worldhistorysite/civilization4.html - 1 language (English)


What the fifth and future civilizations may bring:

Using world history to predict the future - Patterns in the first four epochs of civilization guide us toward the future (2001) 5,385 words www.worldhistorysite/prediction.html - 5 languages (formerly Google’s top-rated site for the search words “predict the future”)

Intimations of a fifth civilization - How human society and culture may follow the capabilities of computing machines (1999) 13,765 words www.worldhistorysite/intimations.html -1 language (English)

Speculations on human life in outer space - Our human identity lies ultimately in our culture and seed. (1986) 1,955 words www.outerspace.html - 5 languages


More on civilizations:

What is a Civilization? - A society or a culture? (1999) 1,046 words www.worldhistorysite/civilizationscheme.html -1 language (English)

A Short History of Communication Technologies - From written language to the Internet, the invention of new communication techniques has changed human culture (1999) 13,829 words www.worldhistorysite/cthistory.html -1 language (English)

Diagram of Emerging Institutions in Civilized Society - The social mitosis or process of cell-like division applied to human societies (2001) 90 words www.worldhistorysite/diagram.html -1 language (English)

Religion in the five epochs of civilization - Society’s spiritual orientation changes with the times (1999) 15,331 words www.worldhistorysite/religion3.html -1 language (English)


See Jesus' World View and how it became Ours A new and complete explanation of Jesus' mission as understood by Albert Schweitzer (2015) 49,360 words www.worldhistorysite/jesusworldview.html -1 language (English)



See the website at which has a complete set of writings on this subject.

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