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Someone wants my property

I bought a vacant lot (1719 Glenwood Avenue) from the city of Minneapolis around 2008. I suspect that the long-depressed area just west of downtown where I live is heating up because this lot has started to receive attention from the city and from realtors.

I paid the semi-annual taxes of $122.00 on this lot on December 23, 2015. Somehow the payment was lost. I soon discovered that the property was considered delinquent for tax purposes. After considerable discussion with city tax officials, I managed to convince the city that the property was not delinquent. The taxes had been paid. Even then, the city said I owed an additional $36.63 on this property. Tired of arguing, I wrote a check for that amount on May 2, 2016.

There must be a substantial group of people following tax-delinquent properties in Minneapolis because I started to get inquiries from realtors wanting to buy the lot from me. I had to laugh at the postcard I received from a man named Jeremy Rupp in Golden Valley who thought I was on the ropes financially. Nothing subtle about this:



Next year, I hope that the tax authorities will credit my payments properly.


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