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History of the


HistoryofTripleExistence Full Cover 3-29-19

matter - life - thought


How the universe was created, life emerged on earth, and human thought remade the world

William McGaughey

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This history (in the genre of big history) tells the story of the creation the universe focusing upon three types of being: matter, life, and thought. The story of matter’s creation involves the Big Bang, the formation of stars and of the solar system and planet earth. The story of life covers theorized and evolution of living species including Homo sapiens. The story of thought is the story of human thought in its various form with anticipation that thought processes may be replicated with increasing sophistication by machines.


“As a historian of south Asia, I introduced comparative world history to the University of Minnesota along with several colleagues. William McGaughey’s brilliant treatise on world history and big history represents a new historiographical dimension that takes us back to an age long before human civilization began.”

- David Kopf, professor of history emeritus, University of Minnesota


“In our times we deal with various systems that have a great impact upon our lives, our civilization and our small planet Earth. Therefore, the book’s integrated approach to life in the very broad context of cosmology and civilization prepares us for a better understanding of the purpose and strategy of beings such as ourselves in the current development of the Cosmos.”

- Dr. Andrew Targowski, Western Michigan University, president emeritus of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations


“This is a philosophically rich book that continues the line of universal histories by Polybius, Kant, Herder, and Christian. It takes us from the beginning of the universe through a series of originally conceived civilizations to the semi-fantastic era of artificial intelligence.”

- Professor Tatiana Shestova, faculty of global studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University $28.95

William McGaughey, a fifty-year resident of Minnesota, now lives in Milford, Pennsylvania.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9605630-7-4

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