to: McGaughey's family background

Dad's diary from 1952

(see notes at the end)

the diary arranged by date


Tuesday, January 1: 12:15 am 2 a.m. - Read Nash material on election & advancement of executives.
Up about 8:30 to move television to sunporch & other chores preparatory to party.
Beautiful day warm, sunny and clear. Spent several hours pushing back ice & snow from street to make dry place for parking. Bill Crapo helped. 2-10 pm. New Years Day party - Walker Cisler, Guy Rupp, Dewey Marcks, George Romney & many neighbors attended, The Jim Crowleys and C.S. (Tommy Tompkins) came late - 8:30 - and we had nice quiet visit.

Wednesday, January 2: 8:15. Saw Selden Daume drive by as I went into Grosse Point Farms police station where I identified my Omega watch which Cat Burglar had stolen with my wallet on Aug. 30, 1950.
9:30. Talked with N.K, VanderZee & then George Browder about job at Hudson Motor Co. where they’re getting prepared to launch a big sales training program. Returned home for a delightful rest with Joan until 3 p.m. then to office for a fast clean-up of pre-New Year’s letters. Drove Bill Walker home.
Read more of Nash-Kelvinator executive training material in pm. Yummy at bedtime.

Thursday, January 3: Drove Walker, Andy Court, Dan Boone to office on slick streets. Got facts from insurance man on office policies.
Attended briefly a materials meeting on Input-out theory.
Went to Public Relations Society of America, Detroit chapter, board meeting at University Club, called by Bill Durbin, attended by Jim Lee, Toby Wiant, Glenn Cummings and others. Drove Cummings & Otis Crosby downtown.

Friday, January 4: GR agreed by phone that I should maintain my equity in office insurance.
Assembled Bill Sherman, Bill Hotchkiss, Stan Roe, Perry TeWalt & Christy Borth in board room to refine our outline on automotive unemployment, defense & other problems.
Told secretary to Ward Canaby of Willys-Overland to convey news to him that I was definitely planning to leave AMA.
Talked to Cope several times by phone about need to stress conservation of critical materials, particularly copper, by motor industry.
8 pm. Bill & Betty Crapo’s wonderful dance & family block party at Rev. Lambarth’s church; Joan & I were co-hosts. To Frazer Clark’s for drink afterwards.

Saturday, January 5: Shoveled heat snow - about 5th of season so far. Then to Ft. Shelby at 10:30, made television recording on Detroit’s unemployment situation for Tele-News, CBS, etc., with Harry Williams. Fellow in charge: L. Jack H. Lieb, Producers Film Studios, 111 W. Washington St., Chicago 2, Illinois.
Took Billy, Andy, David to DAC between 11:30-12:30 for a fine swim.
Wrote “expression of appreciation for Bill & Betty Crapo” which Billy & David took around for Seminole Ave. neighbors to sign.
Katherine Ogden & I worked up plans for parents meeting, Jan. 14.
8pm. To Players with C.S. Tompkins

Sunday, January 6: after church, Joan & I had yummy nap.
Then I took three boys to Cinema to see “Lavender Hill Mob”, a S. Arthur Rank mystery movie. Bill & Andy loved it, but was over David’s head. He did enjoy a color movie on duck hunting in India, and somewhat less so in a short on Stratford-on-Avon, which intrigued his older brothers.

Monday, January 7: Told Van der Zee of Hudson, “no thanks”.
Sold Cronin on news release on materials savings
Attended Cadillac luncheon at Masonic temple & later press dinner at DAC. Left before dinner for Liggett Board of Trustees’ January meeting at Katherine Ogden’s home.

Tuesday, January 8: Got materials savings release out.
Went to Nash in mid-morning where Roy Nelson discussed Nash’s insurance retirement plan & David Camp outlined N-K’s hospitalization program. Had lunch with Fred Black. Talked with George Romney by phone in evening & he told me to stay on at AMA until March 28, if necessary, in order to preserve my equity in AMA insurance plan.

Wednesday, January 9: Up early and flew to Chicago. Had an hour’s talk with Edwin Bush, president of Diamond T, about my leaving. He spoke highly of Nash & plans to try to buy their 6 cylinder engine for his trucks. Luncheon meeting at Union League Club where Walker Cisler & others advised Upper Peninsula people about an economic survey of their region. Saw Pete Moulder, executive VP, International Harvester, who was critical of “selfishness of GM, Chrysler, Ford” in trying to get more defense contracts placed in Michigan. Told Dale Cox of my impending move.

Thursday, January 10: Up early, flew to NY with Harry Williams to see Alfred Politz about opinion survey on trucking industry. Found on arrival that Christy Borth was trying to reach me about “emergency meeting” called for pm to consider “blasting the govt” over holding aluminum allocations down as well as copper. When meeting was held, they decided not to issue statement at all but to send telegram. Meanwhile I arranged to fly back that evening rather than stay over to see Sherman Baker at E.P Dutton.

Friday, January 11: Faced Cronin about dept. being “short-handed” when crisis arose yesterday, and he said he’d been irritated because Christy had promised to write a release, then growled he didn’t have time to write one a few minutes before meeting. On word from Harlan Hadley in Washington that govt was “making no change” in materials allocations. Williams & I got Cronin to approve Harry’s release but GM’s Wilson balked on issuing it before Tuesday. Attended showing of new Fords, saw lot of industry & civic figures. On way back to office, I asked Cronin’s “advice” about going to Nash & got an affirmative response.

Saturday, January 12: After choir practice took boys & Allen Merrill to DAC for swim.
In pm, Dave & Billy helped me get AMA’s tree down from balcony and Santa Claus down from roof. Took nap. Otto Milbrand dropped in and Joan & I went to Adams theatre to see “An American in Paris”, which we enjoyed, Home to see “Hit Parade” and TV before fire and yummy evening.

Sunday, January 13: Home from church, called John Greene of Michigan Bell about joining Christ church vestry and he invited me to lunch at Detroit Club. Call W.G. Lewellen who is about to go to Florida & needs suggestions & help on DePauw alumni meeting. Restful pm reading papers, Time & seeing Ed Cushman at 9:30 on Press Conference, the TV program run by Bruce Campbell of Free Press. To bed reading a bit of management development bibliography.

Monday, January 14: To Economic club to hear NY Times’ Herbert Matthews talk about Britain, Churchill & the welfare state - in which he was very sympathetic to the latter.
At dinner, we had as guests Fred Van Lennap, Fran Dodge Van Lennap & her daughter, Judy.
Bill Crapo dropped in & Bill & I went to Liggett stockholders meeting at 7:30.
I then presided at parents’ meeting, where Lawrence Reaume, Ches Larsen, Helene Lewis, Mrs. Lang & Katherine Ogden spoke. Successful evening.

Tuesday, January 15: At noon had lunch with Glenn Bixby, president of Ex-Cell-O and Jim Fulker, executive VP at Detroit Golf Club.
Andy went hospital to have tonsils removed. After a 6:25 pm visit with him & Joan at Ford Hospital, I went home to other children & early to bed.

Wednesday, January 16: Lunch with Ed Rothman, Joe Hartigan, Po Field & Loren Robinson of Campbell-Ewald who just wanted “to keep in touch” with AMA affairs. In pm, talked with Cronin for two hours about my leaving & he asked me to stay on until April 1 so he wouldn't have to ask Board for “leave of absence” or to “waive the 40 years of age clause in my insurance. Went to SAE dinner at Masonic temple, then to pick up my Swiss watch at police station.

Thursday, January 17: Staff meeting to discuss preparation of two booklets on conservation of materials & defense assignments.
Got out release & telegram on passing of Alvan Macauley, 80 years old, at Clearwater, Florida.
Home, read Wall Street Journal, background material for booklets & Executive Development material & then to bed early.

Friday, January 18: Joan & I to income tax bureau for analysis of 1950 return where we were told we must pay $422.62 more, plus 6% interest.
Joined Noble Travis, Tom Reed of Ford & Howard Cook of Chrysler Management Training School for lunch at DAC to discuss training program for Republican workers.
Back to office to get needed info on conservation of critical materials from Charles Chayne’s man Bob McWilliams
Then to Statler for brief visit with Buren McCormack of WSJ. To dinner with James & Harriett Crowleys’s.

Saturday, January 19: To office at noon to start writing booklet on conservation of materials.
Rainy Saturday night, so we stayed home, and I continued working on manuscript. To bed at 11 p.m, quite weary.

Sunday, January 20: Skipped church to continue writing. Joan began typing it for me so we’d have copy for Cronin first thing Monday.
Caught 7 pm for import & Harry Williams met me at the Michigan & Wyoming stop to take manuscript over.
Proceeded on to catch 8:30 p.m. plane to Evansville. Talked with Reynolds Weaver, ASF, until midnight, then called Art Denton & went to bed at McCurdy hotel.

Monday, January 21: Saw Jack Howard in McCurdy dining room as I went in to breakfast with Dale Cox, Bob Forster of GM & Weaver.
Drove around town, seeing lots of evidence of lack-of-enforcement of traffic regulations. Then to Joe O’Daniel, the Olds dealer, where we talked over visit with Mayor Roberts at 11 am. Some of our group disappointed with Roberts, but it was agreed to keep our support of traffic programs alive for another 6 months. Lunch with breakfast group, then to 2 pm public meeting where I spoke briefly. Rushed to catch 3:12 Chicago & Southern plane back to Detroit.

Tuesday, January 22: Elliott Hanson in town to explore idea of European mission to Detroit to look into defense & subcontracting. Took him to lunch with Joan & Andy, who’d just been to Ford Hospital for satisfactory check-up.
Drinks with Don Hoover, who offered me job as “manager” of Bozell & Jacobs’ Detroit office if they landed the $8 million Dodge account.
Then to DAC for annual election; bought Travis & John Bloodsworth in bar; saw Romney & Black; dinner with Travis.

Wednesday, January 23: At noon to luncheon at Detroit Club of Michigan Colleges Foundation, George Carter offered to look into Maryland Casualty Co’s apparent renigh of future claims for dental work growing out of accident.
Met with Bill Jay & Bill Mayberry re candidates for Michigan Econ. Devel. Commission.
Joan & I had dinner with Elliott Janson at Statler, then to DePauw meeting at John Thomas’.

Thursday, January 24: Up early to catch 9 am American airlines planes to NY, sitting besides Rev. Souter of Falls River, Mass., a great salesman.
Dropped into Pierre Ruedins on Fifth Ave. to get my Omega watch repaired, etc. - to cost me $28. Got together with Loemker on laying out Materials Conservation booklet.
Then to Waldorf for NADA reception for officers & press. Joined Jack Weed & Win Mather & his wife for dinner at Lexington Hotel, the to see “Top Banana” at Winter Garden. Took group to Chatham bar for drinks, where Weed told long & boring fish stories until 1:30 A.M. Very tired, went back to Commodore Hotel to bed.

Friday, January 25: Up at 8 am, breakfast at Commodore, made phone calls, then joined Sherman Baker & Ben Recca at E.P. Dutton’s to talk about laying out “Americans in Motion”. Met Elliott Macrae briefly.
Joined Kathleen McLaughlin of NY Times at UN Building for lunch. Back to Duttons at 3:10, stayed until 6’s eliminating photos with Baker & a “Fred”, a nice old guy, who stuck with me after the others left. Raced to Commodore to check out, caught 8 p.m. plane, which couldn't land at Detroit because of weather. Caught Motor City Limited out of Chicago at 11:59, got an upper, slept well.

Saturday, January 26: To office, home for late breakfast. Attended Gov. Williams’ meeting at Rackham Bldg. to discuss task force coming out. Winged off to take 3 boys to Father & Sons’ luncheon at DAC where Tony Spina took photo. Sat opposite C.S.McIntyre & next to Pete Monygham, Al Mackey took me back to Rackham where governor’s meeting lasted until 5:35 pm. Jim Cope rode me home. To dinner with Bill Shermans, with Mike O’Connor, Al , Sarah Duval & wives. Home tired, but yummy yet.

Sunday, January 27: To church, where Billy proudly carried cross for first time. Home for chicken dinner, bed, more yummy, up to tea & cheese sandwiches. Looked at TV, got early edition of Monday’s Free Press to see boys; photo & mine at DAC party. Saw Laurena Pringle & Roberta Mackey on Press Conference, the TV program. To bed, very tired, but got good night’s sleep.

Monday, January 28: Called “small” staff meeting, where Williams & Hotchkiss reviewed Saturday’s meeting.
Got call from Tommy McIntyre of Tank - Automotive Center asking if I’d like to go to Korea & Tokyo with press group.
Lunch with Paul Magee, advance man from NPA for take group, along with Steve Richards, Barney Crandall, Tom Graehn of GM at Recess.
Had hassle with WJC over task groups; C.E. Wilson asked our Wed. luncheon be open to press. In pm, Gene Osius gave us 1st prize for Seminole for Xmas decorations.

Tuesday, January 29: Up early to meet NPA task force at Michigan Central at 7:50 a.m.
Talked with C.E. Wilson, Hugh Ferry, John Hallett of K-F, Baits of Hudson & Jim Cope about telegram from Econ. Dev. Commission asking for info on contracts on books. bid four, lost and rejected.
Attend PRSA luncheon at Statler, addressed by GM’s Paul Garrett. Sat with Fred Black & took Don Streitz of Traffic Safety Association.
Attended Walker Cisler’s meeting at Detroit Club with Upper Peninsula group. John Coleman, Bill Mayberry also there. Tom Reed of Ford came in late & sat next to Larry Walsh, UP lawyer at dinner. About 35 attended. Lovett of Calumet & Hecker spoke about 1 billion pounds of copper reserves.

Wednesday, January 30: After talking on phone with Pyke Johnson, Felix Bruner & Hermine Clippert, I went to Mich. Econ. Develop. Commission meet at Sheraton-Cadillac. Made some brief remarks on necessity of closer relationship between two peninsulas & on copper conservation efforts of industry, then to DAC.
Here we had luncheon set up with NPA Task Force: Reginald Gillmor, Courtney Johnson, Bill Brittain of DePauw and others. Wilson, Colbert, Romney, Duffy, Ferry attended. Vance presided. Mayre abo also there. Open to press & came off very well. Back to office at 4 pm. David & friends homebound from circus. Picked me up.

Thursday, January 31: 9 am breakfast at Statler with Task Force & Michigan Defense Council.
Sent copy of transcript of Wednesday’s meeting to C.E. Wilson.
Lunch with Walter Patton at Red Mill where we discuss re-doing the “steel” report for Michigan Economic Development Commission in view of surplus of steel that is developing.
Gave Cronin a fill-in on morning meeting.


Friday, February 1: Busy all day cutting down Task Force transcript preparatory to making it Booklet No. 2, and made final changes in Booklet No. 1 on Materials Conservation.
Harry Williams sent both to printers, and I left office at 5 am to ride home with Andy Court & Dan Boone. Jim Crowley & Harriett brought their two children to dinner, left early, as Joan was ill, coming down with curse.

Saturday, February 2: Haircut at DAC, then took Andy, David & Allen Merrill to DAC pool. Joined Walker Cisler & Bill Haines of OPS for lunch at Detroit Club, where I saw Hayes & Walter Rockwell.
Took all our children except David who had been there earlier in week to Shrine circus, along with Elijah Lovejoy & Allen. Hot, dirty Fairgrounds coliseum was wearing. Dropped off transcript at Cisler’s.
Went to Players, home by 11:15, talked to Free Press.

Sunday, February 3: Car flooded on way home from church & basement flooded from leaving water on in furnace. Bailed out water, helped wash lunch dishes as Joan was still in bed, read papers, then took nap. After supper, read children “The Three Musketeers” and Billy read aloud a letter just received from N.E. Sturdee, Churchill’s secretary. Read until late.

Monday, February 4: 8 p.m, DUS meeting at Mrs. Sandy Weiner’s home.

Tuesday, February 5: Lunch at DAC with Ches Larsen, Mary Miller, Dodie Blaine, Katherine Ogden & Rheula Goodwillie.
Read that King George VI had died.
Felt lousy, like cold coming on, but it didn’t.

Wednesday, February 6: Sent to Masonic temple for Michigan Colleges Foundation dinner; sat at Harvey Campbell’s table; talked Moseley to Maurice Engass about Board of Commerce trip to Europe.

Thursday, February 7: blank page

Friday, February 8: Wrote letter to PR committee suggesting ACTION.
Adcroft Club for lunch, sat at head table; Romney talked.
4 pm. Went to Nash-Kelvinator for CBS television footage with Romney, Bill Downs handled.

Saturday, February 9: Worked at office from 10 am to 3:30, with Harry Williams.
Joan & I had dinner at Stockholm, saw Ralph Gould & wife Jane, asked them home for a drink.

Sunday, February 10: 2 pm. Indian Village sleigh ride; I dressed up in Frazer Clark’s coonskin coat & Billy coonskin hat to impersonate Kefauver.

Monday, February 11: Received letter from Gen. Parks inviting me on Far Eastern trip.
Attended Phil Huber’s funeral with Bill Walker, Hugh Dean, Harry Anderson.
Lunch at Wardell Sheraton with Detroit Historical Society group. Fred Black rode me to office. Talked with Harlow Curtice on phone - a transcript. Cronin gave permission for me to go to Korea, Japan.
Called Joe Dodge for his letter from Japan.

Tuesday, February 12: blank page

Wednesday, February 13: 10 am). Well attended Public Relations committee meeting; got them to agree that we should recommend to Board more industry visits to Washington.
Lunch at Club 58. Told Hugh Hitchcock, Felix Bruner & Jim Lee individually about going to Korea.

Thursday, February 14: 9 am, to U.S. Public Health Service (old Marine hospital) - got from nurse, Mrs. Anna Greychoviak, shots for: triple typhoid; typhus; cholera; tetanis, toxoid; small pox vaccination.
Had a slow day as reaction set in; got cold on way home, especially when had flat tire, and was freezing on arrival. Went to bed with fever & cold feet. Slept 12 hours.

Friday, February 15: 12:30. Joan & I caught train to Chicago; saw T.J. Ross’ son, John & wife & son; also Mr. & Mrs, Kelly of Time.
Went straight to Drake hotel, bathed, ate in Oak Room, then cab to International Amphitheatre for Auto Show. Due to late settlement of strike, they were just putting it together & stage show was lousy, Joan & I walked out on it; went around seeing the cars. At Nash exhibit, we saw Clay Doss, Bill Haworth & Chad Lawler.
Back to Drake & to bed early.

Saturday, February 16: Felt rather lousy from shots early in day, While Joan went shopping, I read in room, called Dale Cox, etc.
Checked out at 12:45, met Joan & Vince Gibson (of Hill & Knowlton) at Palmer House, along with Chicago Tribune reporter, Parke Ward, with whom we drove to S. Bend, along with Dave Wilkie. Registered at Hotel Oliver, attended Walter Reuther’s
Press conference, saw John Gibbons, attended Studebaker cocktail party, where Griff Nablach of Indianapolis News come along. To centennial dinner; Joan & I sitting with Mrs. Dick Richards of Studebaker. Mrs. Miller, wife of S. Bend Tribune publisher, Saw Paul Hoffman after speech, who gave me Gen. Bill Marqual’s name in Tokyo.

Sunday, February 17: After midnight visit to Bob Walton’s home in S. Bend, drove with Jack White to train at Niles. Cold night’s ride to Detroit. Joan went to bed at home with cold.
Attended church & vestry meeting where Bill Sperry read to group my letter of invitation from General Parkes.
Very sleepy; fought to keep awake in vestry meeting. Came home & took nap.

Monday, February 18: To Economic club to hear Justice Miller of National Association of Broadcasters.
Saw Walker Cisler, who said he wanted to talk to me about task force, and he'd give me name of ex-employee in Japan.
8 pm. To Liggett board meeting, where I was re-elected president.

Tuesday, February 19: Got wire from Elliott Hansom that Maj. General Marquat was in Washington, so I wrote him that I was coming to Tokyo.
Saw Romney & Black & agreed on contents of news release on my going with Nash. Read boys from article on Japan in Encyclopedia & slept soundly all night.

Wednesday, February 20: To U.S. Public Health Service to get from Mrs. Anna, second shots of Typhus & Cholera & the shot for yellow fever. Joan also got her vaccination & shots.
To Old Wayne Club where boys on automotive press tour discussed what to take along. Then to Recess Club, where public relations committee was meeting. It lasted, back at office, until 4 pm. Calls from newspapers, then rode bus home.
Called Joseph Dodge & checked on what to take in gifts, etc.

Thursday, February 21: Andy Court & I attended for an hour the GOP training school at Ft. Shelby. Then to truck meeting where I sold committee on $38,000 survey on truck industry. Bush, Coogan gave help.
Downtown to Detroit Club with lunch with E.A. Clark & man from Budd’s advt. agency, Johnnie Bellfield.
Wrote more letters to Japan came home where Billy’s 11th birthday had caused cake to be lit & Jimmy Howbert invited to dinner. Told Billy about my going to Nash. Read boys Three Musketeers, then to bed.

Friday, February 22: blank page

Saturday, February 23: blank page

Sunday, February 24: blank page

Monday, February 25: blank page

Tuesday, February 26: 8 am. Started “automotive press tour”.

Wednesday, February 27: blank page

Thursday, February 28: blank page

Friday, February 29: blank page


Saturday, March 1: blank page

Sunday, March 2: blank page

Monday, March 3: blank page

Tuesday, March 4: blank page

Wednesday, March 5: blank page

Thursday, March 6: blank page

Friday, March 7: blank page

Saturday, March 8: blank page

Sunday, March 9: blank page

Monday, March 10: blank page

Tuesday, March 11: blank page

Wednesday, March 12: blank page

Thursday, March 13: blank page

Friday, March 14: blank page

Saturday, March 15: blank page

Sunday, March 16: blank page

Monday, March 17: blank page

Tuesday, March 18: blank page

Wednesday, March 19: blank page

Thursday, March 20: blank page

Friday, March 21: blank page

Saturday, March 22: blank page

Sunday, March 23: blank page

Monday, March 24: blank page

Tuesday, March 25: blank page

Wednesday, March 26: blank page

Thursday, March 27: blank page

Friday, March 28: blank page

Saturday, March 29: blank page

Sunday, March 30: blank page

Monday, March 31: blank page


Tuesday, April 1: Arose 6:15 a.m. Left house 7:20 a.m. in blue suit for first day at Nash-Kelvinator. Arrived at plant 8:00 after 13 mile drive, parked on ramp outside garage. Miss Weingarten, receptionist, called upstairs where Miss Vivian Reinke was already at work in George Romney’s office, which I’m to occupy until April 16. Bouquet of 1 1/2 dozen roses arrived, Fred Black took me around, introducing me to Strellinger, Brown, Weyand, Poupard, Etheridge, Bella, etc. Had a medical exam and Bella had me fill in insurance papers, then introduced me to Ben Watkins, Chuck Epker. In pm, Mr. Pattison dropped in with advice. Meanwhile, Fred Black took me to lunch with Mr. Beste of Kenny Coal & Supply Co. Talked in late pm with Herman Enerharders who was at DUS. Left early to sign letter at AMA. Took Tobe Wiant’s typewriter back. Saw Mason & others on Electric Auto-lite television show.

Wednesday, April 2: Awoke 7 am, left house 8 am, arrived 8:40. Dictated a few letters. E.E. Stevens introduced me to Frank Roleson, his assistant, Roy Williams, Harry Cardoza, Larry Stewart, Wally Scotten, L.O. McCartney, Henry Comanus, Floyd Sease, Doc Kouns, Tom Gibbons. Then had long chat with Don Reilo about Ft. Wayne & re steel controversy. Lunched with Stevenson, Larry Nagler & Kaleson. Lou Flegler went along as I drove the new Nash Ambassador down to Greenfield, etc. Chuck Epker dropped in during pm to get better acquainted.
Stayed on until 5 pm, took flowers home. Went with David to get box tops for a breakfast food- offered gun. Wrote letters on new Hermes to all in AMA PR dept. Retired 11:40.

Thursday, April 3: No of Hermes typewriter: 5203556
Went to Nash-Kelvinator payroll today. Fairly quiet day. Saw Perkins several times & learned my salary is to be same as at AMA. Just before, talked with Romney who called from Carmel, California. Dictated quite a few letters including some to Japan. Don Rulo came in for talk. Lunch with Jim Watson & Stevenson, whom I met in dining room after writing piece on Korean trip for PRSA Journal. Howard Hallas dropped in. My teeth had just broken. Got new metal bridge from Dr. Wood, did shopping at J.L. Hudson. Played basketball outside with boys.

Friday, April 4: Dictated. Harry Turner dropped in for long visit. Talked with Stephenson again. Had early lunch with W.T. Schuett, Charlie Thomas & Carl Holter, who I met by chance when went to early lunch, Howard Hallas in after lunch & we took AMA lunch questionnaire down to Ron Demmers who gave me good advice about job including advisability of meeting lots of people. Saw Pattison & Larry Spicer who arranged for me to go to Ford on Tuesday & arrived me to Monday meeting at Racham to hear Clayton Hill. Dropped in on Wingle & Wethal random in way both. Drove home via downtown. After visit with Bob Klemmans went to Christ church to hear Bishop Emerich.

Saturday, April 5: Organized by AMA & other papers in morning. Read proofs on seven letters for Adcrafters. Took nap.
Joan and I went to Krim to see part of “the Brave Brills” & all of Oliviers in “that Hamilton woman”. Home around midnight to reach Churchill piece in SEP.

Sunday, April 6: Quiet day. Communion at Christ church - Palm Sunday.
Called Tommy McIntyre. Joan called Mary Milbrand & I got Walker Cisler in evening, Spent afternoon writing dozen names of Nash people in my Victor Visible Pocket folder. Wrote letter to Japanese Diet member.
After walk with Joan in fresh April air, wrote piece for Public Relations News on the trip. To bed at 11:35 pm.

Monday, April 7: Up at 6:19. Shaved, bathed & wrote Friday-Sunday in diary.
Went to newly assigned space in parking lot. Dictated letters, then Fred Black dropped in after having been to Nash Jubilee dinner in Kenosha on Thursday & Friday. Met Henry Schmitz & had long, interesting talk about Kelvinator sales training program & fact he’s two years from retirement age. Clay Doss called on phone while there & said his door is always open to me. I felt good about call & said I’d see him Wednesday when he's back in town. Lunched with Carl Holth, Schuete and Don Rulo, the latter offering to introduce me to accounting dept. which I hope to have him do. Talk with Stephenson & Rothman, just chit chat. Then left at 4:15 to meet Patterson & Spicer at Rackham Bldg. & met Bill Collins, employment mgr., going in. Heard Dr. Ben Seligman of Harvard give interesting talk on labor review, then Patterson introduced me to Clayton Hill, once of Mundy, now at U of Mich.

Tuesday, April 8: To office before 8:30, dictated, left for Ford. Saw Ken Gregory and gave him news from his Navy chum whom I’d met in Tokyo. Also saw Mike Parsons. then spent from 9:30 to 1:30, lunch included with Mike (Michael G.) Orlovich who developed Management Development program. Saw his visual aids, etc. Back to office to sign letters, then to Ford hospital for 3 pm eye appointment. Got drops in eyes. Dr. Douvas found nothing particularly wrong but may change lens. Then to Toastmasters Club at 5:45 at Shore Restaurant. Talked 10 minutes on Korean trip. Home by 8:45.

Wednesday, April 9: Don Rulo took me around from 2:30 to 4:30 introducing me to N.K. people. I ended up with Doss. Hallis gave me fill-in on N-K personnel policies.

Thursday, April 10: Rulo again gave me “the treatment” in his office for a couple of hours.

Friday, April 11: Mason dropped in early to say hello. - his first day back.
Fred Black introduced me to Lawson & others.
Learned from Holth my new office will be Miller’s office.
John Conde brought me up to date on lots of things going on at N-K.
Bob & Betty Klemmans in for dinner.

Saturday, April 12: Cleaned out garage. Took Margy to DAC for “fathers & daughters” party. Joan & I saw prizewinning movie “Rashamon” at Coronet.

Sunday, April 13: All sat together at services at Christ church. Bought flowers on way home. After nap, drove Joan, Margy & dog “Suzie” to Belle Isle. Saw Leo Donovan on “Press Conference” on TV in which he spoke about Korea trip. Wrote Mason notes on Japanese industrial conditions.

Monday, April 14: Heard Marriner Eccles at Economic club. Dropped off Len Wesrates notes on Oppama. Spent several hours with Vern Proctor, GM employee relations. Attended Blain Hospital trustees meeting. Got treated after for sore throat - penicillin.

Tuesday, April 15: To City Hall to meet Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhart. Went through line with Tex Colbert. To Detroit Edison at 10 to see Cullenson. At lunch, discussed Burroughs Adding Machine Co. employe relations with Carl Schneider, VP. To Queen Juliana dinner at Sheraton-Cadillac at 8 pm, sitting with Cronin, Williams, Crew, MINOR.

Wednesday, April 16: Romney returned. Black, then Mason walked in so had limited discussion. Operated from John Brown’s office. Another brief talk with GR later in day. Meanwhile, Charles Weyand showed me around Export- saw Si Carlson. Visited Walker Graham in agency offices. Visited with Frank Roleson & C.C. Ferguson.

Thursday, April 17: Took Andy downtown for chloroform for big tooth. Deposited first N-K paycheck at bank. Wrote up GM notes. Rulo walked in for another visit as I worked. Another visit from Mason (?). Lunched with Henry Schmitz and others. Back to Blain hospital for check-up on my throat.

Friday, April 18: To Ann Arbor to visit John Riegel & lunched with him at Union Bldg. At home, found Billy fell off bleachers at ball game between DUS & South Lake. His belt caught on bleachers & cut his eye & nose. Spent 1/2 hour on X-rays, etc. 37 AMA people in for 7:30 dinner & told of Korean trip.

Saturday, April 19: Got boys wagon fixed & spent most of PM fixing fence to keep Susie, the dog, in. In am, took Billy to Dr. Jerome Hauser to get nose examined. Got my glasses at Ford Hospital. Lovely weather. We didn’t go out but went to bed early.

Sunday, April 20: Worked in yard with Billy all morning instead of church. Skipped vestry meeting to take family to Devon Gables. Dropped Mikimoto pearls off at Milbrands. Returned home a 7:30 for shell dinner. Called DUS grade representatives. To bed early.

Monday, April 21: Felt lousy, with sore throat on right side & feeling groggy from weekend. As a result, was rather disorganized. But kept pushing self. Introduced self to Loren Hunt, NK price man Washington. Wrote up Riegel conversation & showed Patterson. Talked to GR about car use & DAC compensation & he said he’d see if N.K could assume. Saw Chuck Coward briefly & got fill-in on K sales which are soft. Gave dictation to Miss Gring, shy, but anxious to cooperate. Went to N-K “Town Hall” meeting with Berney Chapman & Harry Turner to hear Rulo, who was good. Home to talk to Harry Williams about his successful AMA board meeting. Read late.

Tuesday, April 22: Arose around 5:45, thinking it was hour later. But I felt good & stayed up. Read Executive Development case book.
Had lunch with Tom (R.) Reid, head of civic affairs at Ford, in dining room. Where I saw several friends such as Carl - . Then home, where Joan drove me to Mich. Economic Development Commission meeting. Left for hour at Detroit Club for American Economic Foundation meeting. Walker Cisler drove me home in rain from Detroit Leland dinner. Joan & I went to DUS open house, staying until 11 pm.

Wednesday, April 23: Cleaned up some letters early. Hugh Wehrly asked my help on job description project confidential - for Charles Lawton in connection with Kelvinator reorganization. Lunched with export people - S. Carlson, Weyand, Goodyear & man who had been Federal Truck’s export mgr. Wrote up two reports yesterday's meetings for GR. Howard Hallis in for visit & saw Ruth Black. Stayed late reading up on job description. Saw George Mason, who was friendly on way out. Drew books at technological branch of library.

Thursday, April 24: Wrote up notes from Lansbury Fish’s book, passed them on to Wehrly. Lunch with E.A. Seibert, head of Kelvinator service & lauded Harold McGaughey who had worked for him. Really began to clean up desk, preparatory to moving office.
Had Liggett School faculty & trustees in for dinner - about 40 people. Came off successfully, Learned from Blanche Burgess that Nance had considered me for job when he was working for Stewart-Warner. Blames Lewis’, Schnecks. Stayed till am.

Friday, April 25: In good spirits, dictated first big batch of out-of-town letters to management development people. Lunched at Recess with Joe Rothmeyer who talked of Big Four merger expectations & of a free port in Japan.
Spent several hours with Sam Dibble at Fisher Body & got little out of it. Got fishing license from Irv Prabel & home early to clean out car & pack for trip.

Saturday, April 26: Drove 165 to state park west of Port Austin with family & Elijah Lovejoy, stopping en route at Port Huron for smelt fishing. Very sleepy en route. Slept all night at Albert Sleeper park in tent with David, with Joan & Margy in car. Bill, Andy & Elijah in another tent. Not too bad, as sleeping bags were warm.

Sunday, April 27: Got home by 1:30 from upstate jaunt, lunched outside & fell asleep on chaise lounge. Visited with Jane Lovejoy & Katherine Ogden, then to Courts where Andy & Artelia talked, then huddle out front with Rev. Arnold Lambarth & Frazer Clark. After supper, Bruce Morse five downstairs toilet. Afterwards he revealed his great interest in management development program.

Monday, April 28: Up at 6 am, to Nash-Kelvinator before 8:15, met Walter Patton & we drove to Ann Arbor to see Dr. Ren Likert of Social Research Center, first about proposed Michigan economic Development Commission steel survey, then about the Foundation for Research on Human Behavior that he'd talked to GR about. Walter & I lunched at Howard Johnson, then drove to Ypsilanti where Walter had to see a metallurgical contact. Feeling groggy from weekend, I fell sleep in hot car while reading Likert material. Felt better by time got back to N-K at 3:18. Saw Andy Anderson, stylist, then signed letters to out-of-town management development people. Talked with GR about reporting to Ec. Development committee on May 8. Walked out with Don Else. Cancelled out on DUS executive committee.

Tuesday, April 29: Feeling better, got up at 6:20, read Free Press and some management development material at office by 8:25, to find a lawyer — in it. Don Rulo talked to me about Charles Herlick’s report & other things until I saw opportunity to duck. Interviewed & hired Mrs. Landry as secretary. Talked to Henry Schmitz, Seibert, returning Harold McGaughey material & Fred Black. Drove to Liggett for finance committee lunch with Katherine Ogden. John Bloodsworth & Chuck Larsen decided not to revise teictions. Worked at home on reports, digests of ED material from 3-7 pm feeling I had accomplished a bit.

Wednesday, April 30: Drove Bill Walker to work & he indicated it would be some time before I could get on top of my ED program. He sympathized by my sometimes hopeless feeling about the scope & complexity to it & indicated he'd experienced the same, Snared by Don Rulo for a delightful hour but it put me an hour behind schedule in getting to Ford to see Henry DeHart’s son Dick about their job description evaluation system. Lunched at University Club with Fred Besimer, onetime chaperon for George Mason. Deposited paycheck & work on sun porch at home from 3:15 to 6:30, typing up reports. etc. Bruce Morse found toilet downstairs.


Thursday, May 1: Mrs. Lois Landry, new secretary, came in. Lunch with John Conde & got release for new car. Joan & I went to Neil Gabler’s for Indian Village party at 6:30, were last to leave after talking with Ed Gushee & Marianis. Stopped off at Bruce Morse’s en route home.

Friday, May 2: Talked to GR early & he called Floyd Sease about my purchasing executive car. Turned out I'm to get Clay Doss’ station wagon for about $1,600 instead of $2,300. Talked to Liggett alumnae group at Detroit Boat club, staying until nearly 3:00. Then Tom Morse’s son-in-law, Tony Schmidt, killed two hours with beef about being done out of partnership in Nash dealership. Joan & I went to bed early.

Saturday, May 3: Clean yard, slept in sun, took Joan to dinner at the Roma & to Fox to see “African Queen”. To bed about 1 pm.

Sunday, May 4: Felt better emotionally. Worked on sun porch briefing Man. Devel. Talks. Went to Jack Miners with Morse family, Billy Walker, Allen Pierrot, David Hodges. Worked a bit more digesting Riegel’s book, then to bed.

Monday, May 5: Dull and queasy from weekend sun, But got off dictation. Saw Sumner, the Alexander Hamilton Institute man. Lunched with Jim Lee & Andy Anderson & John - , Kelvinator sales. Saw head of Toronto plant with Berney Chapman & talked about Canadian outlook with him. Saw S. Carlson about my memo on Japan & finds that Nash dealer may assemble there. Got facts from Dave Camp on car insurance. Left at 4:45 & saw Hupp at National Bank of Detroit re loan on insurance. Heard Dee of Koppers make dull talk at Rackham Bldg. Left with Bruce Morse & came home for dinner. Washed hair, read & to bed.

Tuesday, May 6: Joan drove me to work. We stopped at AMA to leave Mrs. Nabb check for $4,000 + for office insurance. Saw Vic Rapport en route to Nash-Kelvinator. Charley Jr. came in with papers on Rambler station wagon, rust colored, which I gave him $1,633 check for. Then drove to Detroit Club for lunch with Wendell Goddard of Detroit Bank and Andy Barr, attorney, & Elizabeth Livingstone. Drove Elizabeth back to her office, while we discussed DUS-Liggett merger which she favors & I don’t. Talked with Howard - & Si Carlson. Tom Gibbons passed on two dozen questions for Town Hall which GR has to answer. Worked on them at home until 11:35 pm.

Wednesday, May 7: Up early, working on questions. Cancelled appt. with Virgil Rowland of Edison Co. Talked with Andy Adams & others about Town Hall questions. Then rushed to DAC where Selden Daume received the Order of Orange or some such decoration from Wyler, the Netherlands counsel. Sat next to Walker Cisler. Others there: Mrs. Daume, John Witherspoon, Noble Travis, Rube Ryding & Ruth Stevens. Left without lunch to keep 1:30 appt. with Don Rulo, who liked my answers, he said.
Went to bed, pretty tired & with throat sore. Had tickets for Players but didn't go.

Thursday, May 8: Walker Cisler asked me to dinner at Detroit Club where Isador Lubin spoke on point 4 monopolies vs. free enterprise in world trade, etc.

Friday, May 9: We cancelled the Management Development committee meeting scheduled for today as GR didn't get back fro Washington where hearings are on Ford’s battle for big quotas.
Spent large part of afternoon cleaning out material on desk & getting acquainted with Mrs. Landry’s filing system. Felt lousy on getting home. Went to early, then Dr. Anthony Lange who had come in to see David & his mumps. Gave me a shot of penicillin for my throat whose soreness is caused by sinus drainage.

Saturday, May 10 Stayed in bed all day, foregoing Management Development session at Ann Arbor with Riegel & Hill. Took Joe Rothmeyer & wife to Stockholm for dinner. Dropped questions for Town Hall off at Romney’s at 11:30 pm.

Sunday, May 11: Margaret had tonsilitis & ran fever o 103 degrees. I took boys to Christ church in am. Cut grass. Then took them to St. Paul’s in pm. Dragging all day.

Monday, May 12: Got in session in GR’s office on Town Hall questions with Dan Packard, Berney Chapman, Shad Lawler, Rulo, Fred Black, Sease & Timpy. I was asked to check practices of other companies in employee discounts, Sat with Pattison at Town Hall, which was about 70% effective. Dropped in on Bruce Morse to borrow MD booklet around 4 pm.

Tuesday, May 13: Talked with GR in am about next meeting date of MD committee. Got letters off to half dozen out-of-town practitioners. Went to DUS meeting in evening.

Wednesday, May 14: Felt rather depressed but worked it off writing a MD memo that took most of date. Then dictated some anecdotes on B.E. Hutchinson for Fred Black to see in Mason’s introduction of Hutch at Junior Achievement dinner next week. Left office at 4:15 to make Liggett scholarship meeting at Katherine Ogden’s, along with Chuck Larsen. KO told me about Cunto resigning.

Thursday, May 15: Missed train to Toledo by 1/2 minute, so took Greyhound bus. Spent couple hours at Owen, Illinois, with Harold Mayfield, then bussed back. Took Joan for walk. Sat in back yard talking about summer plans. Started writing up Owen Illinois interview, then to bed.

Friday, May 16: Up early, got more licks in on notes & rereading U.S. Rubber MD program. Had 11 o’clock appointment with U.S. Rubber’s factory manager, Curtis Moody, which was other disappointing as he volunteered nothing. Then home for bowl of soup with Joan, to bank & back to office hearing re-broadcast of MacArthur’s City Hall speech, Back across town to AMA at 4:30 to fill out insurance papers with Mrs. Rabb. To Fox & Hounds for dinner with Otto Milbrands, Jack Reids, then to Hunt Club in Bloomfield for dancing including inept square dancing. Home at 3 am.

Saturday, May 17 Kids served us breakfast in bed. Took Billy & Andy to choir practice where I spent 45 minutes talking to Bill Logan, asst. rector at Christ Church, about his rubber testing job at Chrysler back in war. Very interesting. Wrote Harold Ransburg. Hurried to Veterans Memorial Bldg. for Armed Forces Day luncheon, joining Mr. & Mrs. Harry Turner, Douglas A. McGregor, Kelvinator division comptroller, who had spent 3 months at Crew plant in England, A.E. School of Nash purchasing & others. Saw demonstration from 10th floor. Talked John Greene of Mich. Bell, Harry Bodman, etc. To State Fair with kids to Culver black horse - exhibit.

Sunday, May 18: Cut the grass while Joan, Andy & Billy were at church. Then on their return, left for vestry meeting. Don Thurber & I stayed behind to talk about publicity plans for reception Friday night on 107th anniversary of church, Came back and started the release, then drove Joan & David back to Birmingham where we looked up Jack Reid’s house outside & weren't impressed by it, even at $39,000. David was complaining, so we hurried home, had soup, talked to Katherine Ogden & to bed early.

Monday, May 19: Dropped news article on Christ Church anniversary off at Sibley House. Then took Jefferson Avenue route to N-K and took Michigan, Lonyo Road Littlefield to Schaeffer, After some phone calls and visit with Fred Black, I asked Hugh Wehrly to look at my MD memo developed last Wednesday. He said he liked it. Had lunch with Jim Lee of Purchasing, Coe of Goodyear & Ed Anderson of Styling. Then to Ford Motor Co. for 1:30 appt. Saw Virgil La Marre briefly, then spent an hour with Charles Bosworth on organizational structure & organization charts. Back at office talked with Charles Weyant about Crittenberger. Home meeting to read.

Tuesday, May 20: Up 5:50 am, read MD book until 7:10. Went to Detroit Leland for breakfast with John S. Coleman, Walker Cisler, Bill Mayberry of Mfg. Nat. Bank, Don Weeks & others on Mich. Economic Development Commission matter. Arrived office 10:20 & prepared my out-of-town forward schedule for GR. Lunched alone in dining room - for first time, as I didn't know names of others. Actually got some quiet reading done in my office. Talked Howard Hallis, Cy Carlson to break up routine. In evening Bill Crapo came over with B.E. Hutchinson speech. Mr. Francis of American States paid $1,000 on last - auto accident. Leno’s.

Wednesday, May 21: Up 6:25, read paper & few pages of “Planning and Developing the Organization Structure” by Ernest Dale. Had rather disorganized morning but day picked up. Had 2 hour lunch with George Carter of Detroit Insurance Agency at Recess Club. Then to U.S. Rubber for 3 p.m. appointment with W.F. Wrightnour, after which I brought him home for drink. Then drove him to Park Sheraton. Read some more of book, then to bed.

Thursday, May 22: Went directly to Rockham Memorial Bldg. where Society for Advancement of Management meeting was held at 9 am. Heard Wrightnour. Sat at head table at lunch. Stayed through afternoon & Wrightnour bought me drink at Park Sheraton & I then drove him to train. Cut grass & took Margy for walk. In bed by 9:10 pm.

Friday, May 23: George set MD committee meeting for May 29. I rushed to Rackham Bldg. to hear Walker Cisler at Society of Management meeting. In pm, Bill Cook of Service dept. talked about export services personnel & was bearish on Carlson’s approach. Home in rain, dressed for dinner at DAC with Crapos, Tom Reids, Ed Cushmans & Bruce Morse. Home at midnight for yummy.

Saturday, May 24: Drove Bill & Andy to choir. Worked briefly on some office work - which I redid next day. After interrupted nap, Joan & I went to Allan Lutz’s in Birmingham. Read questionnaire answers. In bed by 11 pm after driving Mary Johnson home. Margy has mumps.

Sunday, May 25: Up early to work on MD report for Thursday. After church, Joan & I had yummy nap. I felt much better. Went to see Katherine Ogden about May 26 Liggett board meeting. Returned & re-did MD report. Marian & Ynena dropped in - the Polish couple who used to live with us. Played darts with Billy & David after cutting grass. Packed for New York & bedded down early.

Monday, May 26: After day at office, attended 5 pm meeting of Liggett School Board of Trustees which came off very well. Appointed Fred Bessimer to head 75 anniversary program. Took Detroiter to New York & had dinner on train with Walker Cisler. Reviewed some MD material & retired early.

Tuesday, May 27: Felt good on arising. Took subway to Astor hotel where room wasn't ready. The sessions of the American Management Association on MD was surprisingly well handled. Soaked up a lot of useful information. Sat next to Lloyd Russ of Westinghouse & Brown from Pierce Co., wholesale grocery chain from Boston. With Robbins & Loemken busy, I attended Greenwich Village Art Show, bought several presents for Margy on 8th street, walked a lot & retired at 11 pm.

Wednesday, May 28: Up at 6 am to review previous day’s MD material. Then left my watch with Pierre Reudin, bought Parker pen & returned to Astor. Second day’s sessions weren’t up to previous day, but still were valuable. Caught earlier plane back, after seeing Bill Gephart on Fifth Avenue. Talked with 15 year old girl returning with father from American College of Surgeons convention in Lisbon. Went to Old Wayne club to join Joan & members of Off Record Club, where Korean movies were shown.

Thursday, May 29: Had very successful meeting of Nash-Kelvinator Management Development Committee from 9:30 to about 11. After Mead Moore & Lawson gave views, George asked me to stay in office while Mr. Minola of Fiat visited. George Mason then came in & an interesting discussion about relative mfg. costs here & in Italy ensued, After lunching with Jim Cooper & Dave Camp, George congratulated me on handling of meeting. Margy’s birthday & had nice dinner. Exhausted on retiring.

Friday, May 30: Joan & I slept late with Andy & David serving up breakfast in bed. Around noon, we took everyone, save Billy who had stayed overnight with the Petzolds, to walk through woods near Cook Road to “haunted house” that Andy & his DUS boys were introgued with. Returned & fell asleep in sun. Managed to cut grass & dig in garden before night fall. To bed early, though.

Saturday, May 31: Refreshed, got more yard work done. Then did some work writing up minutes of Thursday’s meeting & started memo to dept. heads of N-K asking them to prepare organization chart, manual & job descriptions. Had gang of small fry for outdoor picnic. Helen Pierrot & Nan dropped in. After reading last installment of Hoover’s memo in Colliers, retired about 11:15.


Sunday, June 1: Up at 6:30 & worked on sun porch, doing a more complete job on memo to N-K department heads. Began, too, to rewrite some company reports for GR. Wrote in diary covering last week, while Margy crawled on my knee asking “What are you doing, daddy? Why?, etc.” Joan took children to church while I kept working until 1:45 pm. Then took family to dinner at Hawthorne House, then on to Metropolitan beach near Mt. Clemens. In fresh air, I felt completely relaxed & optimistic about the summer ahead for the first time. Finished writing in diary while Andy bathed & talked to me.

Monday, June 2: Rode Bill Walker to work & got name of Frigidaire industrial relations man to write to. Paul Flanders of ReDisco came to office about 9:15 & delayed my feeding more work into the mill, but I managed to get everything done before day was over. Saw Hugh Wehrly about memo in organization chart, Lunch Jim Lee of purchasing & Chuck Eppert. Saw Stephenson, Rode Bill Walker home & we talked of Rome. Letter had arrived from Val Hodges on Mrs. Curto’s resignation, plus fill-in from Jack later, led me to draft letter to Val, which I got Miss Ogden to sign, disclaiming any relationship between Board of Trustees & hiring & firings of faculty.

Tuesday, June 3: Humid day. After early lunch at N-K, went to Chrysler management school to see H.H. Harbison. Wasn’t productive. Got haircut at DAC, then to Blain hospital trustees meeting. Hence to America Ordnance Association dinner at Veterans Memorial Bldg. where sat with Timpy, Gibbons, Poupard & others. Saw movies, heard Westrate & Brams speak well on Korean trip. Home tired & not much accomplished.

Wednesday, June 4: Day got off to good start with 1 1/2 hour talk with Merle Hale, head of salaried personnel at GM on GM’s bonus plan & how it ties in with MD. To Liggett at 11 am where David recited poem well. Lunched with Glen Cummings at plant. Wibel asked me to attend a 4 pm meeting at DAC on re-apportionment. Saw Tony Clark, Tom Reid, Nobel Travis & others. Home for early dinner & heard part of Eisenhower’s TV talk from Abilene, Kansas. Caught train at 7:30 pm for St. Louis.

Thursday, June 5: Warm day, but good day. Spent morning with K.B. Bernhardt at Monsanto Chemical. Lunched with George Hellmuth, then to his home to see Mimi & children and surrounding neighborhood - zoo, civic opera, etc. Plane 50 minutes late in taking off, arrived Willow Run late & called Joan at Herb Hughes’ suite at Park Sheraton (Wardell) Then I joined party around 10:15 pm., saw Dick Purdy, Charley Miller, Martha Cope, etc. Yummy at home.

Friday, June 6: Very hot day. Kinda foggy in dictating Monsanto notes. Talked with George Romney about Charles Lawson offering help with refrigerator firms. Lunched at University Club with Fred Bessimer & Rube Ryding regarding Liggett’s 75 anniversary. To DUS where Billy ranked first in his class & got award for best grades in 4-6 grades. After nap & bath, Joan & I went to N-K Toastmasters Club meeting at Veterans Memorial Bldg., both giving talks & having a mighty fine time.

Saturday, June 7: Cooler and worked in yard. Dick Sinclair came at 9 am for breakfast. I stayed with children while Joan went to Theta Signa Phi dinner with Laurena & Harriet Crowley. Cut grass, slept in sun, bathed & Joan & I went to Bill Cronins, who were holding party for sons, Arthur & Charles. Had good time, then dinner at Seafood Grotto, later seeing Christy & Evangeline Borth & Mrs. LaRouche, In bed around midnight.

Sunday, June 8: Slept well & had interesting morning at church where Billy & David got certificates for good attendance. Very hot day so family went to Huron-Clinton metropolitan beach near Mt. Clemens & had restful refreshing time. Home about 7 pm for ice cream & strawberries. Talked with David as he bathed & wrote six days’ notes in diary.

Monday, June 9: Rushed to airport to catch 7:30 plane to Chicago, only to find it cancelled. But got on 10:45 plane stopping at Jackson, Grand Rapids & South Bend. Visited Sears Roebuck in afternoon seeing a Jack Lhota, who had a Mr. Hill from Baker, Pierce (?) of England with him. Later we had a visit with Clarence Caldwell, VP in charge of personnel who asked me to remain behind. Flew home, arriving around 8 pm where Herb & May Hughes, Fred Bessimers, Henry Haberkorns & Al May were watching Hughes Sliday on radio Greece, etc. Bob Gallon of Studebaker -.

Tuesday, June 10: Kept early dental appt. with Dr. Wood, getting a spare plate. Saw Wibel about reapportionment. To office where had call from Walker Cisler’s secretary about getting him into AMA annual meeting, which I did not attend. After getting permission for him to attend, he couldn't go as it would have kept him away from office too long. Attended PRSA meeting in Bill Durbins office, where I offered to resign from Board but was asked not to. Wrote Katherine Ogden a short letter about way she handled the Cento episode.

Wednesday, June 11: Arrived at office, prepared to see Doss at 10 am but asked instead of give presentation on MD at 2:15, which I did before Doss, Sease, Jim Watson, Shad Lawler & L.L. Stephenson. Later talked to Stephenson about some of problems of getting men adequate compensation to keep them. He later asked me to write piece on NK Toastmasters’ dinner for a Toastmasters publication. After playing marbles with Bill after dinner, I finally got down to it, finishing at 11:15 pm.

Thursday, June 12: Met Howard Lewis in elevator & he invited me to his office, where we talked of program for export dept. & arranged another date for June 20. Then, Wibel’s office called & invited me to sit in on steel presentation before Youngstown Sheet & Tube sales VPs in board room which GR put on. Mason joined large group before it closed. Lunch Harry Turner. Wrote memo GR on Lewis conversation. Missed 5 pm plane Baltimore, loafed until 7 pm; met in Wash by Dave Bon. Went to home, then entrained for Baltimore, arriving 1 am.

Friday, June 13: Groggy from lack of sleep, went to McCormick Co. to see Admiral Fred J. Bell, director of human relations. Joined group of French army, navy & industrialists - part of a Mutual Security administrative group in seeing slide film & in question & answer session in Multiple Management program. Flew home via Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Took Joan to DUS/Country Day fair where we met Jane MacFarland who confirmed to Joan that Miss Ogden had put her up to writing me about Mrs. Curto. Yummy.

Saturday, June 14: More yummy & boys brought breakfast in bed.
Took Billy & David to DAC for swim, then to Eisenhower parade. They got up close on grass during his “Flag Day” speech & Billy got a handshake and a “Hi, Red” from him in back of city hall. Waited in hot sun later for him to emerge from Veterans Memorial Bldg. luncheon so Billy could get autograph, but he missed. Took Joan to Olympia to hear evening performance sitting in reserved seats near Wilson & Curtice.

Sunday, June 15: Up around 8 am & got Billy & David to help me clean out garage, wash both cars, etc. Very hot day. After short nap outside, spent three hours or so writing up notes on McCormick & Co. Andy Court had meanwhile left petition on the reapportionment issue. Wrote $300 check for income taxes & note on Charles Field’s farewell party & to bed by 11:30.

Monday, June 16: Good day. Up at 5:30, cabbed to post office to mail letters, caught 6:20 but to airport, arriving Pittsburgh at 10:29. Had interesting lunch with Hugh Phillips of U.S. Steel about MD (at Kaufmann’s) then to Koppers to see Ken Dee. Tried to see Jim Brown later of Mellon National Bank & Trust Co., but found him & Louise in California for two months. Very hot day. After 2 hr. nap, had dinner at Kramers, read papers, filled in diary for past week. To bed at 11:30.

Tuesday, June 17: Up at 7 am & wrote out notes on Phillip visit. Had lone visit with Lloyd Russ at Westinghouse, from 9:10 through lunch. Also saw Jewell, VP in charge of sales & friend of Lawson’s, about Westinghouse organizational set-up. Then back to Koppers for fast hours visit with Lew Allen on their MD program. Heat at 97 degrees & I dashed back to Wm. Penn to pick up bags & cargo & bus for airport. Cooler in Detroit when I arrived back. Went with Joan to Indian Village pow-wow meeting at Liggett.

Wednesday, June 18: In to office at 8:10 am to dash off letters. Then to Edison Company at 9:40 to see Virgil Rowland on MD program.To bank, then back to N-K at noon for lunch with Detroit sales representative of Research Institute. Talk to Gibbons about analysis of luggage & travel expenses of zone representatives, then talk to Carlson about it. Stayed at office until 5:30, waiting to see GR. Then to meeting with Dr. Whittaker & Don Thurber, discussing Curto matter.

Thursday, June 19: To Edison Co. early (9:15) to sit in on a two hour appraisal session, which was quite interesting. Talked with GR in afternoon until DeVlieg dropped in & we got sidetracked. Across town to Mrs. George Parthers on Lewison Road for a dull Liggett alumnae meeting re 75th anniversary year program. Talked to Bob Crouch re Wilson speaking at DePauw convocation. To DAC for AMA dinner for European automen, here as part of Elliott Hanson’s mutual security program. Mason mentioned.

Friday, June 20: Good day. Batted around MD fundamentals with Howard Lewis who seemed intrigued & cooperative. Felt buoyed up. Wrote memo to him defining what Carlson is to do & what I’ll do. Also got note from Romney answering a note from Hugh Wehrly commenting favorably on my MD approach. Joan & I to Indian Village dance at Boat Club, sitting with George Pierrots. Other than a discussion with Dr. Welsh who is mad at Miss Ogden, evening went well relatively.

Saturday, June 21: Felt dull from lobster of night before. But worked a couple hours in morning on sun porch pulling U.S. Steel notes in shape. Then to rained-out children’s Pow-Wow at Liggett, sitting with Porter Hicks & a couple, the Tom Feldmans, who live on Burns. Worked with Kurt Kiedel, Alex Blain & others in cleaning up place. Joan felt pretty low so I took her to see “Pat & Mike”, with K. Hepburn & Spencer Tracy which cheered both of us up.

Sunday, June 22: Another overcast day. Had restful extra 1 1/2 hour in bed with Joan after getting up earlier & reading papers. Off to Royal Oak Zoo with children & Allen Pierrot & Pearsons + Bruce Gillis. Had dinner at Pearsons after a rainy day zoo-ing.

Monday, June 23: Tackled DeVlieg early on memo calling for organization chart & job description & found him skeptical about doing latter. I didn’t press him too hard. Later, had better reception from Wibel, Perkins, Phillip, Moore.

Tuesday, June 24: Up at 4:45, caught 7 am plane to Dayton. Spent a couple hours with Carl Copp on Frigidaire organization chart & discussion of their personnel practices. Caught bus to Middletown around noon, checked into Manchester hotel. After lunch & haircut went out to Armco Steel to see Hugh Wright. We later drove back to town for drink. Terribly warm all day, Had mass of Armco literature & retired early.

Wednesday, June 25: Up early & began writing up Armco material. Then to Armco at 9 am & spent 45 minutes with C.H. Murray, VP of public & personal relations. Took 1 1/2 hour trip through the mill. Feeling fagged, I returned to Manchester for lunch with Murray & Wright. Bus to Dayton. After wait at airport, caught 7:20 pm plane to Detroit, arriving home about 11 pm.

Thursday, June 26: David’s birthday, Had breakfast at home four girls from Middlebury (Vt.) College, led by Elmer Loemker’s daughter, Elizabeth. Tackled Timpy at office on position specifications & got some good advice for putting detailed instructions on paper. Home for David’s birthday dinner. Mildred & Porter Hicks were over, as well as Robbie Hicks & 3 friends, Tom Breer, etc., who were dates for the Middlebury girls. Washed dishes & in bed at midnight.

Friday, June 27: Sweated over specification forms in morning & passed them on to Timpy in later afternoon. Joan & I to Ralph Simonds for Christ Church vestry meeting, then to Jim & Harriet Crowley’s for an outdoor grille dinner.

Saturday, June 28: In morning on sun porch. Worked on Westinghouse report, then drove family to Bloomfield to house hunt. Joan ran into Mary Milbrand, and we were invited for steak dinner, which I cooked over grille. Kids had wonderful time chasing butterflies. Fell asleep in car on way home.

Sunday, June 29: Miserable hot day, In heavy traffic, drove to Hicks farm near Commerce, Michigan. Kids rode ponies & saddle horse; later they went swimming. Again cooked steak dinner over outdoor grille. Again fell asleep in car en route home.

Monday, June 30: Andy’s birthday, Up at 6:30 & worked a bit on sun porch. Saw GR early & got approval to go ahead on job specification form as submitted to Timpy. He said “Take your vacation when you want to.” Cleared up a lot of accumulated material in box. Drove Bill Walker home. Cut grass. Billy Walker came for Andy’s birthday dinner & baseball game. Took Margy for walk. To bed early.


Tuesday, July 1: To Bill Walkers for dinner with Lygenskis, , Al Mary, Bill Walker’s sister & others.

Wednesday, July 2: Slightly sluggish from evening’s outing. Checked Don Weeks re Dan Gerber’s speaking abruptly for GR. Tried to see Jack Timpy so I could get moving on job specification sheets with others, but didn't get in. Got back from lawn cut in heat but was too lethargic to pack. Not too good a day.

Thursday, July 3: Got Jack Timpy’s approval for job description form. Then brief visit with Wibel, Lawson, Philly Perkins & wrote memo to all MD committee suggesting their review by July 15. Harry Williams was at N-K for Mason’s electric industry broadcast recording so took him to lunch. Home by 2 pm to pack in rain, go started for tunnel about 3’s & drove to Niagara Falls, Canada, arriving about 11:05 pm. (s..) too late to see lights.

Friday, July 4: Up for visit to Niagara Falls, breakfasting at General Brock hotel. Had easy drive through NY state & had big dinner at Riebers. Dropped by Twin Lakes, then got to Milford around 9:30 after one of easiest trips. To bed much earlier than usually is case for yummy time.

Saturday, July 5: Early morning yummy. Took boys in trip to Nob. We waded in stream in back yard, building dam & avoided Twin Lakes because of all the relatives & their children there. Had dinner around dusk on porch. Retired early.

Sunday, July 6: After trip to Nob that included the boys & Margy, had lunch on porch & trip to Twin Lakes for swim. Buren McCormack & family were there. Took long drive down “Deer Road” & back.

Monday, July 7: Up early, caught 7 am train for NY. Had 11 am visit & lunch with Bill Wrightnour at U.S. Rubber. Then went to National Industrial Conference Board. Joined Harry Williams & Stan Roe for dinner at Cavanaugh’s restaurant on 23rd street. Came back to listen to McArthur make keynote address at GOP convention in Chicago.

Tuesday, July 8: Down to Socony Vacuum at 10:00 for talk with R.G. Harmon, head of marketing section & his asst. about MD. Then long visit with Tom Phelps. Lunched along at one of old Italian haunts near AT& T bldg. Sultry day. Arrived at Consolidated Edison for talk about job rotation with Dwight S. Sargent. Uptown for visit with Don Thorburn at J. Walter Thompson. Sticky evening, so went to Trans Lux to see British movie, “High Treason”.

Wednesday, July 9: Saw head of info section of American Management Association in am lunch with Don Thorburn & friend from Grace Lines, Fred W. Nelson. In pm, saw another of Don’s friends, W. Tyrie, from Revlon in Cuba, talking to both about export jobs. After writing memo to Si Carlson about it, I went to Faculty Club at Columbia for dinner with Elmer Loemker & wife & son Tom. Back to Barclay by 10:30, but watched GOP convention on TV until 1:30.

Thursday, July 10: Tired from television, but up early for trip to Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick where I saw Earl Planty, executive counselor and others. Bill Machave, Gilbert H. Beck. After lunch, returned to NY, made some calls. Went to 5:30 pm movie, seeing “Red Badge of Courage”, which disappointed me some. Long walk around UN building, where I saw Ben Cohen, then dinner at Volks & returned to room early to read.

Friday, July 11: Good day, Breakfast with George Walker of GE’s Trumbell division. Interesting session at Esso Standard with Owen Humphrey & particularly with his assistant, W.A. Smith, Jr. Lunched at Shelton Hotel with Chuck Foreman, who had a common sense approach to MD. Due to GOP balloting, resulting in Eisenhower’s nomination, the television in the bar blared & had hard time hearing. Then to GE for talk with (Moorhead) Buz Wright, who used to be Nance’s Hot Point asst. George Corless at Standard Oil, N.J. proved sympathetic & understanding fellow. Several drinks with Wright, then caught 7 pm Erie for Milford where family met me.

Saturday, July 12: Slept late. Boys & I took trip to Nob. After lunch, went to Callis, around 4:30 pm for swim. Ted’s brother Bill & wife were there. Had nice dinner & home for an early retire to bed & yummy time.

Sunday, July 13: Slept late, took all four children for a cool couple of hours in the glen. Packed after lunch. We all went to Twin Lakes for swim. Then rushed back to Milford to dress, then to Barney Kilgore’s for dinner. McCormacks and Callis’ also there. Barney was back from GOP convention. I recited my story of last summer’s prowler. We left at 8:45 (daylight) for 10:05 train out of Stroudsburg, Got weighed: 192 lbs., Joan. 194 lbs. Read NY Times & to bed at 11:53.

Monday, July 14: Aroused at 5:30 (standard time), up by 6:15 & after delay got Van Dyke transfer service to NY Central station, Buffalo. Breakfast there & sent telegram of congrat to PR dept. AMA for editorial on the work cars do. Got Pullman seat on 8:25 train to Detroit. Spent 1 1/2 hrs working up a typical days schedule & weeks allotment of time which is designed to allot me 47 flexible hours a week & 121 to do necessary things. Luncheon train, DW calling office, found Mrs. Landry had gone to Minnesota where Mother is ill. To office at 3:30. Home, had dinner with Crapos. Cut front lawn. Worked on GE notes. Retired at 10:30.

Tuesday, July 15: Up at 6:05, finished GE notes, then to DAC where I exercised for 15 minutes, then swam two lengths of pool. To work hungry at 8:45, got coffee & toast across street. Mr. Denny of Research Institute came in for 1 1/2 hours. Had ravenous appetite at lunch. Ed Barnes, DePauw Phi Gam, came over & introduced himself. After lunch had pleasant visit with Mead Moore. GR came in & we broke it off. Saw Wibel briefly. Home before six, shopped for groceries, cut back lawn, watered grass, called Mildred Hicks, wrote letters to Joan & Mrs. Landry. After hamburgers at Dairy Bar, called Mrs. Richardson. To bed, weary, at 10 pm after reading papers.

Wednesday, July 16: Up at 6:00, cooked own breakfast which took about 40 minutes, got to work at 8:20, fought to overcome inertia, but headed for DeVlieg’s office & left word I wanted to see him. Got OK from Dr. Phillip on form, then saw Lawson who was cordial, then back to DeVlieg, who gave me a flat refusal, saying “”I’m not going to make myself ridiculous by asking John Wieland to write down what they do.” But we concluded on an agreeable note. Showed GR the Wall Street Journal piece mentioning him & me. Saw Perkins & got OK on Amer. Management Association associate membership. Lunch at DAC with Miles Knowles, a Washington DC attorney-lobbyist. Haircut, then to bank. Home by 3:30 & finally got down to work at 6 pm on Esso Standard write up. But wrote Joan long letter meanwhile.

Thursday, July 17: Up 6:10, cooked breakfast, drove Bill Walker to GM. Temporary secretary brought in by John Baller who was young, green & scared, but we began to dig into two weeks’ correspondence. Wibel called me down & warned that I’d probably run into some trouble on the job description form mainly because of educational requirement. Saw Glen Cummings after lunch & rode down street with him, walking 1/2 mile back. Saw Perkins re form & he was constructive & favorable. Then visit with Charley Weyand who is leaving for Germany next week. Then Timpy called & we spent nearly an hour talking, mostly favorable. On way home, Bill Walker said Perkins had been complimentary in speaking of me over weekend at Pere Marquette club. Saw Harvey Marchs. Dinner at Parkstone. To bed 10:30.

Friday, July 18: Had to fight a bit to get up, but made it at 6:14 am. Wrote in diary. Made breakfast, after working on revised form. Managed to complete the form after a listless day, very muggy. Sweated over one page for several hours. Took swim at DAC at 6 pm, then had dinner at DAC grille. Home to find DePauw Alumnus with my photo & write up on N-K job. Read papers & got to bed by 10:30 pm.

Saturday, July 19: Up at 7 pm & put in more than hour weeding flower bed before I made my breakfast. Then another 3 hours afterwards on front lawn, though interspersed with people stopping to talk or to collect for laundry, fruit, etc. After late lunch, prepared by self, went to Krogers, then to post office downtown & to AAA to get routed to Iron Mt. for next Saturday. Took swim at DAC, which was refreshing & returned to do 1 1/2 hr. office work on sun port. To Parkstone for dinner. By 9 pm, started Mace’s book, which I found fascinating. It provided me with some answers as to “why” on job specifications. Bed by 10:30.

Sunday, July 20: Up at 6:15, worked an hour on front lawn. Then after breakfast did 1 1/2 hrs on the back. Went to church & chatted with the Sperrys on way out & ended up taking flowers to Austin Hyde at Jennings Hospital. Frank Durham called from the Habercorns as I was having lunch. After an 1 1/4 nap, I sweated out 2 MD reports on sunporch. Heat was around 82 degrees & very muggy. Walked in rain to Parkstone where I had very lousy dinner for $3.00. Read Free Press & Mace book.

Monday, July 21: Up at 6 am, made Mace’s book before making breakfast. To office early & worked a bit over the form. Then began a new one - comparative analysis of MD program. At lunch ran into engineer from England who enlivened the session. Sweltering hot. Dip in DAC pool; came home to work out time expenditures of past week. After chocolate soda for supper, then fruit at home, heard Gov. Devers of Mass. make keynote speech at Democratic convention. To bed by 10:45 pm.

Tuesday, July 22: Up 5:45, spent hour weeding front lawn, made breakfast, then worked on MD comparative form until 9 am. When Betty Klemann called in from kitchen. I dressed & got to office by 10:10. Saw GR after lunch & discussed job description & comparative form. Wrote Joan. Swam at DAC - weather was 95 degrees. Had dinner DAC alone until I saw Len Keller, who joined me, telling me painfully of Lillian being interested in another man, series of quarrels. Then I drove him home where we saw Eleanor Roosevelt on TV; took him home at 10:20. Retired after washing dishes about 11:30.

Wednesday, July 23: Worked on comparative analysis at office. Attended Blain hospital meeting. Then a glass of wine with Bob Betty Klemann at 6 pm. To Blains for steak dinner. Saw Rayburn speech on TV. Came home & heard VP Barclay.

Thursday, July 24: Up at 5:35, read Mace, went DAC for swim, arrived office 8:35. Worked fitfully on comparative analysis. Finally left office 4:15 with nerves jangling a bit. Felt better after cutting front & back lawn & visiting with Klemanns, Jerry Taylor, young Frazer Clark, etc. Cooked my own hamburger dinner. Watched vote on seating of Virginia delegation. Then to bed at 10:15.

Friday, July 25: Slept until 6:45, packed to go to Iron Mt., stopped by Walkers to hand Billy a doll to take Margy today. Beautiful day. Around noon got call from Don Weeks saying Michigan Economic Develp. Commission would have plane pick me up at 7 am Monday, instead of my driving up. So spent profitable pm, filling in blanks on comparative sheets of MD programs. Left office 5:35, had late swim at DAC, dinner at Parkstone & watched TV until 50 minutes past midnight and retired when Gov. Stevenson was nominated by Democrats & made informal remarks before TV.

Saturday, July 26: Worked long & hard in yard eradicating crab grass & weeds. Heard John Sparkman on radio being nominated for VP, then saw acceptance on TV. Took nap on hot afternoon, then DAC swim at 5:30. To Florine Richardson’s at 6:45 for good dinner with her & son-in-law, - McKnight. To bed little before midnight.

Sunday, July 27: Lingered in bed, but up a little before 8 am. Pulled weeds in back yard for awhile, then got breakfast. Went to church. Finished Mace’s book. Got lunch. Went to Mackeys for drinks in farewell event for Betty & Bob Klemanns. Howberts, Sedwicks, Taylors & others were there. Bob & Betty invited me to dinner with Hank Crapo at 7:30; Bob & Julia Schneck came in later. To bed by 10:30. Awoke at 2 pm with terrible pain in stomach. Went to Blain hospital, got pills, back in bed 3:30.

Monday, July 28: Had doubts at 5:45 about going to Iron Mt., but slept until 6:30 am, felt better, drove to city airport & flew to upper peninsula in state plane, leaving around 7:30 am. Jim Jones of State Employment Security Commission & George Petrie of U.S. Dept. of Commerce on board. Saw Mrs. Walker Cisler in lobby of Hotel Dickinson who told me Iron Mt. News had commission members’ photos on p. 1. Put up at Hi-Way Motel. Sat with Herb Russell, Paul Todd & Horace Brewer at lunch & with Burr Sherwood & state senator — at dinner, Shook hands with Gov. Williams who spoke. In bed before midnight & slept soundly. Temperature said to have dropped to 34 degrees.

Tuesday, July 29: Up at 7:30, had breakfast with Jones & Carr, our pilot. Left 9:40 am with Don Weeks replacing Petry as passenger. After beautiful flight arrived Detroit just before noon. Came home where Blanche was doing laundry, To office at 1:25, worked without lunch. To DAC for exercise, swim & dinner with Len Keller, who then came home with me & we talked until 10:30. Had drunk too much coffee.. I couldn’t go to sleep until way past midnight.

Wednesday, July 30: Tired from coffee-nerved night but managed to get things rolling pretty well at office, Had small session, turning out well, with GR & Howard Lewis. Saw Si Carlson. Howard Hallas offered his help on a Visual-Cast presentation of MD comparisons. Long exercise & swim at DAC & felt much refreshed. Started “epic” letter to boys on time-budgeting. Dinner Parkstone & in bed before 10 pm. Cooler tonight.

Thursday, July 31: To office early. Had lunch at Ft. Shelby with C.K. Moore of Palmer Moore, a realtor, Bob Byers (Econ. Devel. Comm.), George Billings, Paul Reed (Met. Plan) & Harry Richert regarding establishment of pig iron producing plant near St. Clair, Mich. Talked to Ed Wilcox of Kelvinator export in late afternoon. To DAC for exercise & swim. Finished letter to boys, telling them a bit about my “time budgeting” experiment. Cooked own supper. Jane MacFarland called extending me Van Lennap’s invitation to attend trotting horse races Aug. 11. Worked on McCormack & Co. analysis. To bed by 10:40.


Friday, August 1: Up at 6:03, exercised, wrote in diary, read MD material on Standard Oil (N.J.). GR asked me to get into Future Detroit chart presentation so saw Ed Conner at 4:30 at his office; went to bank & deposited paycheck before 6 pm. Home started work on Future Detroit presentation. Hungry, ate at Parkstone. To bed by 11:15.

Saturday, August 2: Started work again on Future Detroit presentation in hour before breakfast. Worked in front yard in pm. Lunch with Jess & Betty Harper. Back yard in pm. Then finished Future Detroit presentation & went for swim at DAC. Then to Ed Connor’s home on Mark Twain to talk to him about it. Then drove in rain to Blain Island for the Blain Island picnic, Had a wonderful, relaxed evening. Home to bed about 1 am.

Sunday, August 3: Groggy on arising at 8:40. Beautiful day but spent all of it indoors, mostly rewriting the Future Detroit presentation & getting a few suggestions from Ed Conner over the telephone. Called the Blains about 5 pm as Doddy had asked me over to meet Paul Bowers. They suggested a swim at Boat Club which appealed mightily to me. Saw Lewises, Boones, etc. Had a roast beef dinner. Home around 9:30 & to bed by 11 pm.

Monday, August 4: Drove to Ford to deposit Future Detroit piece. To Ann Arbor at 10:45, lunching with John Riegel. Tom Reid returned my call & commented on “content” of Future Detroit piece as being a different route from his Greater Detroit presentation. Saw GR on leaving & relayed Reid & Ed Connor divergent comments. Told him I’d call Foster Winter tomorrow. Rather taut, I went to Shnecks, but relaxed under several drinks until Bob got home. Had grilled steaks - good. Chatted until nearly 11 pm. To bed by 11:30 pm.

Tuesday, August 5: Up shortly after six and spent 1 1/2 hours on the Future Detroit accomplishments which Ed Connor gave me over phone. At office I called Jim Webber of J.L. Hudson about status of Tom Reid’s Greater Detroit proposal. Made good headway for various projects during day & wound up with large talk with GR around 4:30-5:20. Swam at DAC. Voted at 7:10. Arrived at Mary Johnson’s wedding at 8:03, just before she started down aisle. Went to Boat Club reception which wasn't much fun. To bed by 10:50 pm.

Wednesday, August 6: At office, GR asked me to get into college recruitment situation. I began reading up on it & called Ken Meade & Ed Yates at GM to make appt. to talk about their program. Strained a muscle in my back reaching for telephone & it pained me through the evening when I went to Tewalts for dinner. Home about 11:30, rubbed on lineament & retired.

Thursday, August 7: Took long hot bath which relieved back. Went to Detroit Edison dinner at 9:30 to see Virgil Rowland about my outline. Then to GM for good discussion with Ken Meade & Ed Yates & lunch at L’Aiglon with them, joined by Pat O’Connell. Got haircut. Saw Bruner, Lewellen & Tim King in Concourse, the latter coming to work as Kelvinator advt. mgr. on Aug. 20. Checked rest of MD committee at office on meeting date & decided on Monday, Aug. 18, which means I stay here over weekend rather than joining family Aug. 15. Dinner at Parkstone, read Time & retired early.

Friday, August 8: Good night’s sleep & after 7:40 am breakfast at Bill & Jane Walkers I felt much better. At office, GR asked me to talk with Harvard professor Christensen, which I did & found enjoyable. Drove him to see Charlie Davis at Davis Tool. Lunched with him. Talked to Si Carlson in pm, cooked own dinner & went to GOP meeting in basement of Lutheran church across street. Afterward, asked Paul Bowers & Dick Gushee in for beer. After they left, I read until midnight - New Yorker, etc.

Saturday, August 9: Up late, breakfast & to cleaner. Answered Ellie Wiener’s letter thanking me about contribution to DUS parents committee. Spent 3 hours working on College Recruitment report. Finished a light, late lunch around 3 pm. Went to grocery, worked in yard, then to DAC for swim around 5:13, where I chatted at length with Dr. Schultz, who is an eye, nose & throat specialist treating Perkins & Wibel. Dropped off Mary Johnson's wedding present. To dinner with John Taylor & Margaret at Florine Richardson’s.

Sunday, August 10: Slept 10 hrs.; arose 9 am, got breakfast; cleaned up unread mail & about 12:30 pm start on MD comparative charts, which took me until 5:30, with time out for a tomato soup lunch. Rather tired & groggy, I drove to Dearborn Inn, arriving at 7 pm, for dinner with Bobbie & Harold Ransburg, David & Tommy. Had good dinner & relaxed evening, drove Ransburg past Ford plant & returned home by 11 pm to read newspapers until 12:00 pm.

Monday, August 11: Felt fatigued & jittery about week-end of close concentration & work. Didn't get off to very fast start at office, though finally got work moving. Lunch Charlie Coward & Tim King, with Dan Packard stopping by. Left at 2:15, dropped MD comparative check list off at gate 10, Ford, for Mike Orlovich. Napped from 4 to 5:30 & felt better. Went with Jesse Betty Harper to good time trotting track, sitting with Art Rhode & wife, Virginia & Helen Skinner. Home at 12:10. To bed at 1 am.

Tuesday, August 12: Tired on arising, but had breakfast with Bill Walker. Drove to office for brief stay, then to Ford for a 2 hr., worthwhile visit with Mike Orlovich, and met Archie Pearson, the training director. Back at office, lunching with Larry Stewart & Jack Huntress. Howard Hallis helped me get my MD charts to printer via Phil Schartschmidt. Then took Fred Nelson in to see Si Carlson. Took Fred to DAC. I had swim, then joined him at bar & to a big DAC dinner. Drove him around Belle Isle, then home & to Statler. I retired at 11, but couldn't sleep for coffee.

Wednesday, August 13: Very tired & listless from night of little sleep. Had John Balla take some work on that I felt Miss Little incapable of doing. Ellingwood, man from Scholastic Magazine, came & stayed for lunch. Howard Hallis & I reviewed Westinghouse slide film. Saw GR toward close of day & agreed to work up list of objectives. Drove Bill Walker home. Stopped by to see Alex Blain re special Blaine Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow. Dinner at Parkstone & home to bed early.

Thursday, August 14: Up close to 6 am, wrote letter to Joan, clearing her up (I hope) on misunderstanding about why I can’t come to Milford tomorrow as intended. At office, saw Mead Moore briefly, then had long visit & my first complete tour through Research Dept. with Wallace Berry, who significantly had been member of Nash College training school in Milwaukee in 1930, which was killed by depression. He gave me some ideas re college recruitment, etc. Andy Adams then gave me nursing age figures. Wrote up 7 objectives for MD program. At Blain Hospital 5-7:30 on long Board wrangle over Ernst & Ernst report. Dinner Parkstone. To bed early.

Friday, August 15: Had alarm set early, but didn’t get up. And it was that kind of day at office. But did see Sease re sending out letter under Doss’ signature to some mgrs. re export needs. Saw Carlson re Nelson; lunched with Howard Hallas at place on Greenfield. Howard & I spent several hours in Kelvinator conference room with MD slides & I felt more in need of more rehearsal before Monday, Terribly muggy & close day & felt exhausted. But went to bank, then DAC swim which refreshed me. Had bourbon with Dr. Schultz & Mr. Edwards. Saw Karl Murston . Stayed at DAC for dinner in grille. Home by 7:30.

Saturday, August 16: Rainy morning, so spent most of it going over MD material & rehearsing the slides for Monday’s presentation. Cut lawn & pulled weeds after lunch. Fred van Lennep called re burglars in Village. I called Dorothy Sedwich. To DAC for swim. Parkstone for dinner & to McClellan Street police station afterwards to check on robberies - found there had been 4 calls in Village since Aug. 1. Read to 11:30 pm.

Sunday, August 17: Up 7 am & got in MD material & rehearsals. Knocked off at noon to work in yard for an hour. Talked again with Dorothy Sedwick & Fran van Lennep. Went to pick up Mrs. Richardson at 3 pm to take her to dinner at Chidiva. Returned home about 6 pm. Worked until 9:35, including a couple of rehearsals & a phone call from Dick Strother for Bill, Jr., & from Fred Bessimer for me.

Monday, August 18: Had hard time getting up. Arrived office about 8:50 & got involved with Fred Black. Howard Hallas & I went to rehearse & he got called away by GR. Practiced alone; lunched, Meeting began in cold room & chill permeated meeting when GR was called away by Mason. DeVlieg was bitchy about the job description, though it never formally came up. GR managed to salvage something from meeting. They decided to see Westinghouse film Wednesday, which delayed my departure. Swam, tried to call Joan, ate at DAC. Finally talked to Munny.

Tuesday, August 19: Much better day. Weather nice. To office 10 minutes earlier after airmailing letter to my son, David, in answer to his. Had very pleasant talks with all members of MD committee, starting with Dr. Phillip who was helpful & including DeVlieg, who bent over backward to be obliging. Mason walked in & was very cordial. Lunched Fred Black, John Brown & a Mr. McGee from Red Book. GR pondered job description form & made several good suggestions for its handling. Swim & exercise DAC. Dinner Parkstone. 20 minute visit with Dewey & Greta Mauch. To bed by 10:55 after packing.

Wednesday, August 20: Up 6:31. Left for NY & Milford for some vacation.

Thursday, August 21: blank page

Friday, August 22: blank page

Saturday, August 23: blank page

Sunday, August 24: blank page

Monday, August 25: blank page

Tuesday, August 26: blank page

Wednesday, August 27: blank page

Thursday, August 28: blank page

Friday, August 29: blank page

Saturday, August 30 blank page

Sunday, August 31: blank page


Monday, September 1: Arrived back from Milford around 3:15 pm after hot drive through Canada. Rains came at 5 pm & cooled things off. Shopped for groceries, read news & some of “top management organization & control”. To bed before 9 pm & slept soundly.

Tuesday, September 2: Up at 6:25 pm & cleaned leaves from gutter. To office by 8:30 am, where Mrs. Landry was on deck after 8 weeks or so (July 12 or 13 she’d left). Felt somewhat listless but visited Howard Hallas, Fred Black & Don Rulo, who was back for first time since his June stroke. While talking to Fred about Hugh Hitchcock, who’d been relieved of advt. responsibility at Packard, he told me of prospects for Haworth’s job. GR came in & suggested MD meeting on Sept. 4, but as DeVlieg & Doss will be away may hold it later. Inherited job of handling career advt. To DAC for swim. Dinner at 7 pm. Bed by 12.

Wednesday, September 3: David entered Nichols today. Slept soundly until 7 pm, felt rather disorganized at office. But managed to compile a check list on college recruitment in am, had long talk with Harry Williams by telephone, interviewed Claude Pattalatis (sp) of AMA library who is looking for an export or other job. Lunch with Harry Turner, Chuck Eppert & Joe - ; then kept 1 pm appt. with Don Rulo on CAREERS advt. & NK personnel practices re college graduates, etc. Ran off Westinghouse slide film & found it still interesting. To DAC at 5 pm for haircut, manicure & swim. Took Margy & David for walk after dinner.

Thursday, September 4: Has successful 1 pm meeting of MD committee to see Westinghouse sound slide film on its MD program with all members present save DeVlieg & Doss. Committee approved the additional step of making 5-year replacement lists. Worked hard at office until 4:30, trying to get cleaned up, then left for home. Joan & I drove to London, Ontario, arriving around 11:30 pm their time (EDT) at Hotel London.

Friday, September 5: Had trip through the Kelvinator plant with Jack Sinclair, from 8:55 to 10:30 am. Then to Toronto where Tom Adams took me thru the Nash plant. Slept at LaSalle motel outside Kingston, retiring early and with delightful yummy.

Saturday, September 6: Arrived at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal at 10:45, met by Simon & Jesse Stein at door. Attended Adrienne Ross’ wedding at 3 pm. Back to Ritz for reception. Went with young Toronto couples + Jane & Bob Anderson to Chez Son Pere for plain but good dinner. Long, unclimaxed yummy after retiring.

Sunday, September 7: Yummy before arising, then breakfast in Stein’s room, where we presented Si with bottle tops for a “cousin’s bracelet”. Left Montreal around noon in bright sunlight & stopped for yummy down side road in Quebec. In late afternoon, stopped for tea in Ganonoque where we saw Miss Edwards. Slept in nice motel outside Toronto, arriving at midnight.

Monday, September 8: Took plane to Chicago for AMA seminar on MD, conducted largely by Virgil Rowland & including 15 men. First day was dull & generally useless. Walked up Michigan Avenue in late pm, bought Benjamin Franklin’s autograph, ate alone at 7:45 in Empire room, staying for 8:30 show of versatile Spanish musical group.

Tuesday, September 9: Better day at AMA seminar. Had steak dinner at Stock Yard Inn with Roy Kurtz. He talked about Indian religion - i.e., religious leaders of India after we returned to hotel. In bed fairly early.

Wednesday, September 10: Saw G. Bromley Oxnam in elevator & stopped for chat. Long presentation by Rowland on his program at Detroit Edison in pm. Had some interesting points. Talked to Edwin Bush of Diamond T on phone. Arrived in Detroit by plane at 6:30, walked Christy Court home & visited with Artelia & saw Jim Boynton on street. Called Rube Ryding re house.

Thursday, September 11: Listless morning in office after late start and conscious of spots on my suit. Succumbed to suggestion by John Conde that we visit Burroughs employee recreation center near Brighton & altered PRSD meeting there. Had restful afternoon from 2:30 - 6:00 in boat while John fished; then took swim. Had roast beef dinner, sitting with Christy Borth. John & I discussed NK news publication. Home by 8:30, to bed by 10:40.

Friday, September 12: Good day. Felt spruce in my new Altman summer suit. Tackled Jack Timpe first thing, showing him MD comparative analysis & getting his views of MD programs & review of what acct. dept. does. Then had visitor from BNA & Dr. Pearse & associates from Hal Howards. Saw E. E. Stephenson & Harry Cardoza after lunching saw in dining room Jim Watson, Shad Lawler & Harry Wisner, the radio sports announcer. Helped set up Westinghouse film with Barney Brogan. Then talked to Floyd Sease. In late pm saw Joe Goodyear re export. Then after bell rang, visited with Don Else. To DAC for swim, good dinner, bed early.

Saturday, September 13: Grumpy in am from too much sleep. Slow in getting started but went to hardware store for cord. Wrapped accumulated papers, helped David & Margy wash car, encouraged them to wash garage doors, and had Bill clean out play area. After picking up leaves from flower bed, went to DAC for swim. Courts came for picnic supper & we went to their house afterward to see our color movies of Billy Walkers’ stay in Milford, visit to NY, etc. To bed very sleepy at 11 pm.

Sunday, September 14: In action by 8:30, washing garage doors again. Then, with all kids helping, started painting garage doors. Another very hot day. We finished around 1:45, bathed & then went to Henry Haberkorn’s for swim in their pool & saw Joan’s color movies again. Home around 6:30, feeling refreshed & somewhat chilled. Wrote in diary for past several days. Had pleasant dinner alone with Joan - she having fed the children separately, along with Christy Court & Harry Haberkorn. Read Locke. To bed early.

Monday, September 15: To office early & showed Westinghouse sound slide film on MD to Doss & DeVlieg, who were very friendly. Doss invited me to sit in on Nash zone mgrs. meeting & I cleared it with Romney. Went to Economic club to hear Gov. Williams & Alger. Sat with Bungay. To DAC for swim, then Joan joined me there to go to Sheraton-Cadillac for farewell dinner with Dr. Henry, pres. of Wayne. Sat with Romneys, Blacks & Hallas & walked out with Selden Daume & wife.

Tuesday, September 16: To Ft. Shelby for 1st day of Nash sales meeting with zone mgrs. & assts. Met Art Bruen, asst. treasurer, at lunch. Back to plant for showing of new models & N-K-I. GR talked. To DAC for swim & back to Ft. Shelby for executive dinner at which Mason, GR & Doss spoke. Went to Sheraton-Cadillac at 10:30 to meet Paul Althaus, head of big Swiss advt. agency who had flown in from New Orleans. Showed him the schedule for touring Detroit advertising agencies I’d worked on during day. Home by 11:15.

Wednesday, September 17: Took Paul Althaus to Nash breakfast at Fort Shelby. Doss gave me a nice introduction, then I introduced Paul. After morning session, largely devoted to advt. & sales promotion, I skipped lunch to rush to office. Saw Hugh Wehrly, Adamson, Joe Goodyear & Mead Moore before going back to Ft. Shelby meeting. Brief swim at DAC, then back again for 7 pm dinner with Althaus, Helen Pierrot & Ralph & Margaret Gettsinger. I left at 10:15 to catch train to Chicago.

Thursday, September 18: Went to Conrad Hilton for breakfast with Nash zone organization. Talked to Doc Kouns en route to Kenosha. Toured plant for first time since 1947. At restaurant outside town, talked to Floyd Kishline before lunch, Lou Ball during & Art Bruen after. Floyd Sease introduced me first at lunch, saying I was working on MD. Rode back on bus with Floyd. Bill Cobb was waiting at Conrad Hilton, we walked up Michigan Avenue, had some Gibsons, dining at the Sinapore restaurant on Rush street, coffee & more Gibsons. I took him to train & then called my train by 10:45 pm.

Friday, September 19: Good day. Off Chicago train by 7:40 & cabbed home to bathe & change clothes. To office by 9:20, dictated number of letters, among them to Kenosha people & zone mgrs. Several people - Adamson, Ed Bower & later Conde - filled me in on Town Hall committee meeting. Had lunch with Will Poupard & Joe Mueller to talk about aircraft engine. Saw Al May at lunch, Van Packard joined us. Got fill in on our foreman situation at Detroit plant from Pattison which was helpful when I talked with GR later about getting them to Town Hall. Saw Rulo briefly about Pattison’s successor on Town Hall. Conde I started work on 1st program calling for top management participation. Got home around 6:30 for smelt supper. Called Gabler re news of Ryding moving in Crapo house. Alex Blain re Blain Hospital meeting.

Saturday, September 20: In bed until nearly 8 am, cleaned gutters home & on garage. Washed side doors & gutters of garage, then with Andy’s & Bill’s help, painted them. Knocked off around 12:30, wrote in diary, took nap after reading Free Press. Joan & I took children & Christy Court cacoon hunting in Owen Park & found abandoned brief case with medicine scattered around. Report it to Sgt. Pallister of McClellan Street station, Left at 6:15 to stop at Eastern Market for apples, then to pick up Lois & Gene Landry for dinner at Hungarian Village. Switch controlling car light was loose & drove mile without lights en route home before it was fixed. To bed at midnight.

Sunday, September 21: Took family to church. Slept in sun. Worked on biographical notes for my forthcoming citation at DePauw. Worked also on outlining program for 1st Town Hall meeting & for GR’s promotion piece for U.S. Chamber candidacy. Retired at 10:30 pm.

Monday, September 22: To office about 8:30. After showing Town Hall program to Steiger & Ed Bower, John Conde & I cleared with GR. Then got U.S. Chamber data on GR in hands of Walker Williams to set type. Saw Pattison about Collins being on Town Hall board. Satisfactory talk with Mr. Howard Lewis re export program. To Economic Club to hear Sen. Moody & Potter. To banks, haircut. Visit with Bill Sherman in my office. GR then OK’d with couple additions, U.S. Chamber biographical data. After dinner, to Rackham Bldg. for my first meeting of Education Committee of Engineering Society of Detroit. To bed by 11 pm.

Tuesday, September 23: Arose 6:37 am. Read paper. Busy day at office with Town Hall & other affairs. Mrs. Landry began to keep record of my time spent talking with various people. Jack Timpy came to my office to ask advice on how to handle some letters & raised question of how we can hire people in “middle” brackets. After lunch, Jim Lee came to my office & made some good suggestions on job description forms. GR cam in later & gave me letter to read complaining of lack of employee policy. Rode Haworth downtown. Bill & Jane Walker to dinner with children to see Milford movies. Saw Nixon’s financial recital. Bed by 11:10.

Wednesday, September 24: Rough session with Rulo & Pattison over way Town Hall is being handled. Saw Strellinge briefly. Wibel had asked me to attend St. Lawrence Seaway lunch at Detroit Club. Then spent hour with Bill Hall of Detroit Bank discussing their appraisal system. Then to see Dr. A.W. Blain about sad state of affairs at hospital. Andy Court & I canvassed G.O.P votes on Fisher. Then Joan & I walked Laurena to Detroit Grand Opera Association dinner at Parkstone. To bed about 11:58 pm.

Thursday, September 25: Series of visitors - Sumner of Alex Hamilton; Barbara Kelly, and Gardner Platt - took up most of am. Saw Wibel & got OK to ask Jim Lee to fill out job description form. Hallas steered us to big type typewriter to try out form on visual cast. Began developing cold, so came home early & aired self in sun. To bed early - 9 pm.

Friday, September 26: Felt much better after night’s rest and managed to catch up on number of things at office. Had talk in am with Rulo re job description form, which he thought was OK. Don Else & Jim Lee of purchasing both agreed to fill it out. Saw Brazilian (DeMaio) who is interested in export service job. Talked to Charley Boyd re Romney material. After lunch with Packard, Jeffrey, Cowand & King, I was introduced to Nehi man by Patterson, and then to Bill Stern, the sports announcer. Finally caught up with Ed Seibert but had to break off to see GR. He called in Ed Bower to straighten out Town Hall matters. Saw Tommy Etheridge & John Steiger before day’s close. Then to bank & home before going to Christ Church vestry meeting at Doc Curtis’. Read Life. To bed at 12:00.

Saturday, September 27: Left home at 8:45 with Joan & boys for day-long outing at Kensington Park with Oscar Pearsons & their friends, the Gunthers, who is in business lending money & others. Had long rows in boat, played football with our boys & Bobby Pearson & got plenty sunburn. Ate cheese sandwiches & buttermilk on way home but still had dinner at home as Eleanora had prepared it. Read Detroit News & Time but retired early - 9:30 pm or so for restful night’s sleep.

Sunday, September 28: Up reasonably early & Andy Court & I canvassed more of Fisher from 11 am to 1 pm. Out of 20 or so places, I found Republicans & Democrats split about even. Saw Frazer Clark while walking home & Andy & I paused for curbside chat. Had lunch about 2 pm. Then we went to Belle Isle to visit the gardens outside the Flower House & aquarium.

Monday, September 29: Sat at speakers table at Economic Club where Gov. of Idaho spoke. Rode Howard Hallas down & back. Saw Wallis Hall briefly re GR’s biographical material for U.S. Chamber promotion piece. Harrang at Liggett trustees meeting over alumnae plans for movie premiere ticket sales.

Tuesday, September 30: Waited to appear at N.K. Operating committee, but it was postponed until next week. Wibel asked my help in preparing his Town Hall remarks. I wrote GR biographical sketch at night to use in his speech making.


Wednesday, October 1: Long lunch with Fred Besimer at DAC & meeting after with McCracken of Scholastic Mag. Drove in rain to Charlie’s Nash to have lights fixed. Got home after 6:45 pm.

Thursday, October 2: Good day. Contacted Perkins & DeVlieg early about their Town Hall appearances. Got DeVlieg to read job description form & he suggested I speak to Bernie Chapman about filling it in. Had two hour talk with Chapman about what goes on in mfg. division, plus appraisal of personalities, which was interesting. Timpy asked me to brief down his Town Hall remarks to fit 5 minute time.

Friday, October 3: Good day. Spent early am working on Timpy text. Saw Wibel about his. Timpy delighted with his. Lunch with Rulo & Carlson & Goodyear. Talked with Hugh Wehrly about job description form. DeVlieg asked my advice about changing his Town Hall subject. Gave GR a fill-in on my “progress” with him & Chapman’s encouraging background remarks. John Conde & I wrapped up first issue of “Inside N.K.” by 6:30 pm. Also Liggett School ticket situation apparently is clearing up.

Saturday, October 4: Raked leaves, cut grass & washed car. Took Margy to Children Zoo at Belle Isle in late afternoon. Then took Joan to see “Great Expectations” as the Bessimers had cancelled out on dinner engagement because Fred was ill. To bed around midnight,

Sunday, October 5: Stayed in house most of day, cleaning up on office letters & getting some reading out of way - periodicals, etc. Felt rested & relaxed. Nap in afternoon with Joan.

Monday, October 6: blank page

Tuesday, October 7: blank page

Wednesday, October 8: blank page

Thursday, October 9: blank page

Friday, October 10: blank page

Saturday, October 11: blank page

Sunday, October 12: blank page

Monday, October 13: Saw Charles Lawson after lunch who suggested I use the Kelvinator division as a “dog”, or guinea pig, to learn forms & methods that could be recommended to other divisions. Saw Wibel re St. Lawrence Seaway. Dr. Pearse & Anderson of Harold F. Howard Co. discussed selection. Tests with Si Carlson, Henry Schmitz & myself. Arrived late at AMA for visit with Hotchkiss & Williams. To Christ Church Cranbrook with Allen Lutz & Mack Knox, to hear GR speak on “this is what I believe”.

Tuesday, October 14: Fairly great morning at office. Got correspondence out of way & began first of calls (to Lincoln-Mercury) on employee discounts on cars. Heard from Dave Snow by letter. Went to Detroit Club for 12:15-2:45 meeting on Blain Hospital internal squabbles. Had 1 1/4 hr with Mr. Brogan of Redisco, then back to Blain, where after 1 1/4 of discussion we voted to fire Hoard, the administrator & get the Ernst & Ernst man out by Dec. 1. Called Mrs. Parker re Liggett school dinner of tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15: blank page

Thursday, October 16: blank page

Friday, October 17: blank page

Saturday, October 11: blank page

Sunday, October 12: blank page

Monday, October 13: Saw Charles Lawson after lunch who suggested I use the Kelvinator division as a “dog”, or guinea pig, to learn forms & methods that could be recommended to other divisions.Saw Wibel re St. Lawrence Seaway. Dr. Pearse & Anderson of Harold F. Howard Co. discussed selection. Tests with Si Carlson, Henry Schmitz & myself. Arrived late at AMA for visit with Hotchkiss & Williams. To Christ Church Cranbrook with Allen Lutz & Mack Knox, to hear GR speak on “this is what I believe”.

Tuesday, October 14: Fairly great morning at office. Got correspondence out of way & been first of calls (to Lincoln-Mercury) on employee discounts on cars. Heard from Dave Snow by letter. Went to Detroit Club for 12:15-2:45 meeting on Blain Hospital internal squabbles. Had 1 1/4 hr with Mr. Brogan of Redisco, then back to Blain, where after 1 1/4 of discussion we voted to fire Hoard, the administrator & get the Ernst & Ernst man out by Dec. 1. Called Mrs. Parker re Liggett school dinner of tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15: blank page

Thursday, October 16: blank page

Friday, October 17: blank page

Saturday, October 18: Breakfast at Durham’s, with Caddy & Mac McCormack. Then to Blackstock Field for inauguration of President Humbert & excellent speech by atomic scientist Compton. To Theta House for lunch, then to Phi Gam house where saw Bill Gambold, Bill Cooley, Geo. Dirks, Ted Callis, etc. To football game, DePauw vs Georgetown. At 5:30 to Bowman gym, sitting with McCormick, Claude Mahoneys & Ken Kramer. Howard Shephard award me & about 20 others (of 30 getting them) an alumni citation. Visited with lot of people at gym & Student Union bldg, then to Betty Lou Hunter’s until midnight.

Sunday, October 19: Up around 7:50. After family breakfast, Howard Shepherd & son, David, came over to drive McCormicks to Indianapolis. After visit to Aunt Margaret & Fran Durham, we drove with David & Margy to Martinsville, arriving at 11:10 for an hour's visit with Mary Jane. Then to Indianapolis & drove past Irvington House. A beautiful day, with foliage lovely.

Monday, October 20: 7:00 yummy, 7:15 arose

Tuesday, October 21: blank page

Wednesday, October 22: blank page

Thursday, October 23: blank page

Friday, October 24: blank page

Saturday, October 25: blank page

Sunday, October 26: blank page

Monday, October 27: blank page

Tuesday, October 28: blank page

Wednesday, October 29: blank page

Thursday, October 30: blank page

Friday, October 31: blank page


Saturday, November 1: blank page

Sunday, November 2: blank page

Monday, November 3: blank page

Tuesday, November 4: Voted for Ike at 7:05 am.

Wednesday, November 5: Awoke to learn from Free Press that Ike was in. Had interesting 2 hr. session with Mr. Brogan of Redisco, Carlson & Schmitz as Dr. Pearse analyzed our personality tests. Lunch Brogan, Carlson & Schmitz. GR told me of Mason’s interest in training program on corporate-wide basis & GR’s comment on Mfg. Div. To Schmitz’s for drink with Harry Turner, then to NK Town Hall for Kel. Program. Bed 11:40.

Thursday, November 6: blank page

Friday, November 7: blank page

Saturday, November 8: blank page

Sunday, November 9: blank page

Monday, November 10: blank page

Tuesday, November 11: blank page

Wednesday, November 12: blank page

Thursday, November 13: blank page

Friday, November 14: blank page

Saturday, November 15: blank page

Sunday, November 16: blank page

Monday, November 17: blank page

Tuesday, November 18: blank page

Wednesday, November 19: blank page

Thursday, November 20: blank page

Friday, November 21: blank page

Saturday, November 22: blank page

Sunday, November 23: blank page

Monday, November 24: blank page

Tuesday, November 25: blank page

Wednesday, November 26: blank page

Thursday, November 27: blank page

Friday, November 28: blank page

Saturday, November 29: blank page

Sunday, November 30: blank page


Monday, December 1: blank page

Tuesday, December 2: blank page

Wednesday, December 3: blank page

Thursday, December 4: blank page

Friday, December 5: blank page

Saturday, December 6: blank page

Sunday, December 7: blank page

Monday, December 8: blank page

Tuesday, December 9: blank page

Wednesday, December 10: blank page

Thursday, December 11: blank page

Friday, December 12: blank page

Saturday, December 13: blank page

Sunday, December 14: blank page

Monday, December 15: blank page

Tuesday, December 16: blank page

Wednesday, December 17: blank page

Thursday, December 18: blank page

Friday, December 19: blank page

Saturday, December 20: blank page

Sunday, December 21: blank page

Monday, December 22: blank page

Tuesday, December 23: blank page

Wednesday, December 24: blank page

Thursday, December 25: blank page

Friday, December 26: blank page

Saturday, December 27: blank page

Sunday, December 28: blank page

Monday, December 29: blank page

Tuesday, December 30: blank page

Wednesday, December 31: blank page








1952 was a golden year in my personal development and in my father’s career. This was the year when he left a position (director of public relations) at the Automobile Manufacturers Association (AMA) to become an assistant to George Romney at Nash-Kelvinator (later American Motors) in Detroit. This was the only year I know when my father kept a diary, which was largely complete through September. I want here to identify some of the persons and topics mentioned in the diary.

We then had a family of six - my father (born 1912) , mother (born 1911), myself (born 1941) , brother Andy (born 1942), brother David (born 1944), and sister Margaret (born 1948). We lived in a white wood-frame house at 2224 Seminole Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, in an east-side neighborhood known as “Indian Village”. This was an area between Seminole (on the west), Mack (on the north), Burns (on the east), and Jefferson (on the south), so named because Seminole and Iroquois (between Seminole and Burns) Avenues were named after Indian tribes. It was upscale relative to surrounding areas.

I was then attending 6th grade at Detroit University School (DUS) in Grosse Pointe Woods, a suburb east of Detroit. My father’s office was at the New Center Building, near General Motors headquarters, when he was with AMA, and later at Nash-Kelvinator headquarters on the west side of Detroit. My mother was a housewife who stayed at home during this time.

My father ’s job responsibility at Nash-Kelvinator had to do with creating a Management Development (MD) program, so you will find repeated references to this throughout his diary. That accounts for his work routine of visiting executives around the country to discuss MD-related issues. In 1956, my father was elevated to become Vice President in charge of Communications. He stayed at American Motors until Romney left and then went to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to become senior vice president.

George Romney

George Romney (sometimes identified as GR) became my father’s boss after he joined Nash-Kelvinator. The head of that company at the time was George Mason, who died in 1954. Romney had been managing director at AMA when my father joined this organization in 1940. He later moved to Nash-Kelvinator to become executive vice president and Mason’s heir apparent. He headed American Motors in the latter 1950s and early 1960s when the Rambler automobile, its product, sparked the compact car revolution.

Facing long odds, George Romney was elected Governor of Michigan in 1962 after he left American Motors. He had presidential ambitions but in 1968, his year of opportunity, he lost out to Richard Nixon.

Romney was a Mormon. Together with wife Lenore, he had four children, two girls and two boys. The older boy was Scott, who was a few months younger than me. We went to camp together at Camp Chicopee in northern Ontario and, in the summer of 1956, attended classes together (housewiring and welding) at Cass Technical high school in Detroit. The younger son was Mitt, who later became Governor of Massachusetts and the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

My Schooling

1st and 2nd grades: Liggett School in Indian Village, Detroit
3rd and 4th grades: Nichols school, a public school a block from Liggett
5th through 9th grades: Detroit University School, a private school in Grosse Pointe Woods
10th grade: Bloomfield Hills High School, a public school in the northern suburb where we then lived
11th and 12th grades: Cranbrook School, a private school in Bloomfield Hills where I boarded and near where my family lived.
college: Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, 1958-61, 1963-64, received BA.

Other references -

Bill Cronin: He was managing director of the Automobile Manufacturers Association (AMA) when my father left having succeeded George Romney in that position.

Bill Crapo: He was our next-door neighbor in Indian Village, an older man who was also the father of our neighbor on the other side, Betty Klemann.

Christy Borth: a work colleague of my father at AMA who wrote books.

Walker Cisler: the head of Detroit Edison, the electrical-power utility, who was a leader of the Detroit business community.

Katherine Ogden: the headmistress of Liggett School, a girls school at the corner of Charlevoix and Burns, which I attended in 1st and 2nd grades.

DePauw University: a college in Greencastle, Indiana, which both my parents attended.

Detroit Athletic Club (DAC): one of my father’s favorite haunts in downtown Detroit. He frequently swam in its pool.

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