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Personal and Family Background

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Bill McGaughey's family tree (2007) 4,245 words

The family of William and Joanna McGaughey (his parents) (2007) 7,826 words

My Siblings (Andrew, David, and Margaret McGaughey) (2011) 10,143 words

The birth family of William McGaughey, Sr. (father) (2007) 6,696 words

William McGaughey Sr. obituary (2004) 2,004 words

The birth family of Joan Durham McGaughey (mother) (2007) 8,173 words

William H. McGaughey (father) and Joan D. McGaughey (mother) Resumes (2014) 1.592 words

The Writings of Joanna and William McGaughey) Churchill, Ricci, Marlborough, Pope Pius XXII, Roman housewives, divided Germany, etc. (2014) 16,481 words

My parents' role in promoting Disneyland It started when American Motors became the television show's original sponsor. (2010) 1,587 words

A visit with Mitt Romney’s mother Making of a possible President in 2012: A Forrest Gump view (2012)

About the original McGaughey ancestor (David) who came to America from Northern Ireland Sally Henson begins a genealogical discussion seeking information about our common ancestor (2010) 1,487 words

Information about David McGaughey’s descendants in history of Franklin Township, Indiana A community book of history (Indianapolis) published in 1978 (2010) 1,723 words

Dad's diary for 1952 when he left AMA and joined Nash Kelvinator (2019) 19,157 words

Written memories of William McGaughey's relatives Information about family history compiled by his sister, Mary Jane, and cousin Ruth Adams (2010) 3,790 words

Epistles from Pap (maternal grandfather) (2008) 5,268 words

Payson The last time I almost became a father (2012) 21,532 words

Notable associations of the McQuesten and Sawyer families with the Sawyer-Massey company, Muscatine oat meal company, and Ontario highway commissioner (2010)

Bill McGaughey's resume (2007) 714 words

Short biography of William ("Bill") McGaughey, Jr. (2003) 795 words

What I did in my years as an accountant As if allocation of indirect costs were not enough (2010) 2,295 words

In Search of My Own Identity (2007) 5,981 words

The Life of an Idea Man (2010) 3,773 words

family photographs (2014)


Bill McGaughey (2010)


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