Book length manuscript: "New Dignity Party and the 2009 Campaign for Mayor of Minneapolis"

(47,000 words in English; parallel pages in five other languages; 60 photos)


Five years later: a discussion of race in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, on July 4th.


New Dignity Party

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Bill McGaughey ................ John Butler ................Jim Swartwood
for Mpls. mayor .. for Mpls. Park Board .. for Board of Estimate & Taxation

||| The results of the November 3rd election were disappointing. Bill McGaughey received 230 First Choice votes (1%), 416 Second Choice votes (2%), and 480 Third Choice votes (3%). John Butler received 1,110 First Choice votes (3%), 1,073 Second Choice votes (4%), and 960 Third Choice votes (5%). Jim Swartwood received 971 First Choice votes (3%), 1,060 Second Choice votes (6%), and 1,170 Third Choice votes (10%). |||

||| For an explanation of the mayoral election results, click here. |||

Sequel: This was not a good result. But did we really think that Minneapolis voters would respond positively to such a message? The following year, 2010, Bill McGaughey ran for another office, greatly increasing his vote total. In the 2009 mayoral election, he met another candidate, Robert Carney Jr., who later decided to run for Governor of Minnesota in the Republican primary. Bob asked Bill to be his Lieutenant Governor running mate. Bill agreed. The result was that the Carney-McGaughey ticket placed second among four sets of candidates. They received 9,856 votes, or 7.56%, in the primary held on August 10, 2010. The party-endorsed ticket, Tom Emmer and Annette Meeks, won handily in the primary but lost to Mark Dayton in the general election.

Welcome to the website of New Dignity Party. This party is developing a new package of ideas that may help America at a critical point in our history. Born on the 4th of July in 2009, we declare our own independence from the bipartisan political regime.


In particular:

(1) We aspire to establish a new paradigm in the politics of identity.
(2) We would rein in powers assumed by local governments without the consent of the governed.
(3) We lament the decline of honest journalism as big media companies shape the news along certain lines.


(1) We like white people (and people of other races, too).
(2) We don’t like local governments meddling in their residents’ personal affairs.
(3) And you better shape up, too, Star Tribune!

This party is starting out in Minnesota in the summer of ’09. If all goes well, it will be nationwide in three years. That’s the plan. You’ll find here a clean break from what the two major parties have promoted. Now take a look at some documents to see more specifically what we have in mind.

(1) On identity, here’s a mission statement. For a longer statement, read this.
(2) On local government, here’s a letter to Mayor Rybak of Minneapolis.
(3) On newspaper bias, read How the Star Tribune slants political news.

Now, if you want more information about our candidates for office in Minneapolis in 2009, go to page two.
Go to Page 3 for articles about our issues.
Go to Page 4 for scheduled events. (Includes times when a half-hour discussion of race with Bill McGaughey airs on MTN, Channel 16.)

Another article: Aggression of the Victimized Minority

New Dignity credo

I exist in the fullness of human dignity. I am not bound by inherited guilt.

As an American, I look forward to taking my rightful place in a community that accords respect to each individual regardless of political fashions or the lessons of contentious history.

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Picking up speed. We now have over 150 lawn signs like this in yards in Minneapolis.

See video of Sept. 7th mayoral debate at MTN - the incumbent mayor, Rybak, did not participate.

See Progressive Republicans - reviving the tradition of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt

" We still haven't managed this identity thing." - former President Bill Clinton on David Letterman show, September 22, 2009

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