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Who is Bill McGaughey?

Check out this autobiographical sketch. Bill's campaign for President is giving more personal disclosure than some of the others because the issues raised demand a personal explanation. We think that you will conclude that his campaign is not about advancing hate but overcoming hate. It is not about burdening U.S. business with new regulations to impede its progress but about using the regulatory powers of government to create a more balanced relationship between business, workers, and consumers which, in the long run, will make them all more prosperous.



Bill McGaughey has an excellent campaign biography that has been in bookstores around the country since August. While it's based on his campaign for U.S. Senate in the 2002 Independence Party primary, this book tells you all you want to know about this Presidential candidate and more. You can order a copy directly from the publisher by contacting the campaign.


Price: $18.95

Pages: 472

Size: 8.5"by 5.5"

Binding: paperback with visually attractive cover

Features: 150 illustrations consisting of scanned photographs, index, summary, extensive appendix, table of contents

ISBN: 0-9605630-5-9

Publisher: Thistlerose Publications, 1702 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405

Publication date: August 25, 2003

Distributed by Biblio Distribution.

More info about ordering books directly is given below.



About Bill McGaughey's campaign to date

about the candidate as world historian - Bill McGaughey is a world historian of some originality and depth. His book, Five Epochs of Civilization, presents a new theory of civilizations. A Chinese-language version has been undetaken this year by a publisher in Jinan, China. Check out the website, which, besides English, appears in parallel pages in five other languages.

about other books which Bill McGaughey has published

Announcement of Bill's seeking the Democratic nomination

How can you get involved in the McGaughey campaign


To order Bill's book, The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics:

Publisher will sell copies to individual customers for $18.95 per copy plus $3.95 for shipping & handling. Orders for two or more books are priced at $16.50 per copy plus $3.95 for shipping & handling. Residents of Minnesota should add 6.5% for sales tax. Prepayment is required.

Please send check or money order payable to "Thistlerose Publications"to publisher at: Direct orders, Thistlerose Publications, 1702 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405

Alternatively, you can call 1-877-537-6247 to place orders.

Special internet price: $14.95 + $3.00




Some Comments

"The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics: Adventures and Opinions of an IP Senate Candidate is the memoir and personal testimony of William McGaughey, who ran for the U.S. Senate on behalf of the same party that backed Minnesota's former governor, Jesse Ventura. Very highly recommended reading for Political Science students, as well as political activists of all parties and reform movements. The Independence Party and The Future of Third-Party Politics offers a thoughtful and thought-provoking 'insider view' of the wheels of contemporary American politics and offers a persuasive rationale behind the motivational struggle for political change." - The Midwest Book Review, June 2003

"The cover of the book shows a middle-aged guy in a hat and suspenders standing in front of statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji, Minn. Well, I wasn't quite sure what to make of McGaughey and his book, but being an independent-minded sort of guy, I dove into what would proceed to be a fascinating read and an interesting journey into the mind of McGaughey and the world of Minnesota politics ... After reading the book, I got a better understanding of McGaughey's political stances and why he eschews the loathsome idea of 'politics as usual', an idea still embraced here in Louisiana as well as Minnesota. Both states and either ends of the Mississippi River have produced some colorful political characters. McGaughey is no exception." - - Andrew Griffin, The Town Talk, Alexandria, LA (Oct. 5, 2003)

"Bill McGaughey was at the center of some political battles in Minneapolis that showed the dangers of one-party government and the liberal tendency to be guided by ideology and passion instead of fairness and facts. When historians look back on our tumultuous times, they will be hard pressed to find a better explanation of the perspective of the "Angry White Male", whose legitimate concerns and interests, and even dignity, were ignored by the intellectual elites, multiculturalists, and victims' advocates."- Alan Shilepsky, Minnesota Reform Party candidate for Secretary of State, 1998, and party platform chair

"In this book, Bill presents some fascinating personal experiences and a thoughtful rationale for his choice of issues (in the 2002 Senate campaign) to begin a very necessary conversation about what the Independence Party of Minnesota stands for and will stand for in the future." - Dave Hutcheson, Minnesota Independence Party candidate for State Auditor, 2002

"This book is both a threat to the old order and a courageous proposal for a new and more honest America - must reading for any American open to change."- Brian P. Moore, independent candidate for Congress, Fifth Congressional District Florida, 2002

"a tell-all guide to practical politics in an age of social decay" - Ray Whebbe, editor, the Watchdog, Minneapolis, MN


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