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Bill McGaughey for President Campaign

Welcome to the website for Bill McGaughey's Presidential campaign.
He's seeking the Democratic nomination in 2004.

Results of Louisiana primary March 9, 2004

John Kerry 112,639 votes (69.7%)
John Edwards 26,074 votes (16.1%)
Howard Dean 7,948 votes (4.9%)
Wesley Clark 7,091 votes (4.4%)
Bill McGaughey 3,161 votes (2.0%)
Dennis Kucinich 2,411 votes (1.5%)
Lyndon LaRouche 2,329 votes (1.4%)



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Bill McGaughey's candidacy showed that an average citizen can run for President in the United States of America and get a fair number of votes if he (or she) has something to say. The chair of the Democratic" National Committee, Terence McAuliffe, decided not to allow McGaughey's name to appear on the South Carolina ballot though he had paid the filing fee and otherwise qualified. So McGaughey focused his efforts on Louisiana.

One of the greatest impediments to freedom is "political correctness", sternly enforced by the power elite. In a previous campaign in Minnesota McGaughey stood up to this intimidation and found that the state's largest newspaper imposed a news blackout of his campaign. In Louisiana, he decided to push economic issues. His position was that so-called "free trade" requires workers in high-cost economies to compete head-on against workers in low-cost economies.

If the leaders of the U.S. government really cared about our people, they would protect the nation's economy with tariffs while working to lower costs in such areas as education, law, and health care. So it falls to outsiders such as McGaughey to propose such measures. Ultimately, he thinks that the global economy must move to shorter work hours to provide full employment in productive enterprise to the billions of people who need material sustenance and to keep environmental degradation to a minimum.

To hear serious proposals for solving the jobs problem, you need marginalized candidates such as Bill to raise them. The front-runners offer little that is credible or new.

Again, check out for an idealized model of a political party that might gain power in today's money-driven environment.


Bill and Lian McGaughey live in a neighborhood just west of downtown Minneapolis and have a daughter, Celia, who lives in northern Virginia.

Bill is running for President to address the long-term crisis in jobs. Additionally, he believes that the political scene has become excessively polarized with liberals and conservatives barely talking to each other. We have become an angry people.



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