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Bill McGaughey filed a Statement of Candidacy with the FEC on June 30, 2003, declaring his intention to run for President. He had previously made an informal announcement of this at the summer meeting of the Association of State Democratic Chairs in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 20th. His principal campaign committee is the Bill McGaughey for President Committee. Its address is: P.O. Box 50256, Minneapolis, MN 55405. Linda Davis of Milford, Pennsylvania, is the campaign treasurer.

Bill believes that, despite having entered the race much later than the other Democratic candidates, he can have a major impact in the primaries, if not win the nomination itself. If nominated as a Democrat, his "out-of-the-box" type of campaign would throw Karl Rove's plans off stride and force President Bush to make shifts in position that will put the election into play. Bill is raising questions which none of the other candidates (including Bush) care to touch; the hypocrisy exposure potential is too unsettling.

Additionally, Bill's political autobiography - a work of literature in its own right - will be hitting the libraries and bookstores in the months ahead, creating a buzz.

This late-starting campaign (whose delay was caused by production of the campaign biography) needs volunteers at every level. In early July, the campaign will begin to create state organizations with an emphasis on states which have relatively open ballot access as well as those showing a particular interest in Bill's candidacy. Get in on the action by volunteering for what interests you.

This website should make clear that Bill McGaughey is a thoughtful, courageous, and serious candidate who has some of the street fighter in him. His is a campaign which can make a difference and be remembered with excitement and affection long after its time, whichever way the election turns.

Don't fall into the trap of wanting to defeat George W. Bush so badly that you automatically go for the candidate with the most impressive winner's credentials. The Democrats cannot afford to choke so early in the game. Seek first your political integrity and all else will be added to it.

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