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Ask your dok-ta if living past the age of 40 is rite 4 U.

(a meaningless rant)

Life can be tough. It’s tough to get out of bed if you’re not feeling so great. Sometimes people stop and stare at you on the street. Sometimes the woman at the welfare office looks at you in a certain way. But you’re no longer a spring chicken. You’re pushing the age of 40.

Sadly, you can’t go back to being a child. You’re now a grown man, and then some. Life is losing its charm. The belly rolls are starting to show. These are times that try men’s soul. Better step up to the plate.

Your dok-ta may have a solution - for the pharmaceutical companies have been hard at work. It could be a missing piece for you.

I have in my hand a little pink pill that could bring relief. Pop it into your mouth and wait a few minutes. See how you feel.

You will likely say - A feeling of inner peace sweeps over me. I am lifted into a realm of personal contentment. My eyes close as I drift into a motionless state of fulfillment.

All this will be explained at a seminar I have in mind. You will be provided with enlightenment for a price. Put your name on a list and wait for an event to be organized and announced.


Note - After watching my ten-thousandth television commercial selling pharmaceutical products, my thoughts have morphed in a certain pattern. The above message takes this thinking to a logical conclusion.


to: medications


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