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A Message to Harold Stassen’s Granddaughter

by William McGaughey

Dear R. - ,

We have corresponded recently about the election of Donald Trump.

Please excuse me if I bring up another subject which I have been thinking about for some time. It concerns your grandfather, Harold Stassen, and also the Kennedy assassination.

Harold Stassen headed the U.S. delegation in San Francisco that created the United Nations. This was an historic achievement whose importance has not yet been fully realized.

Governor Stassen’s assistant at this conference was a young veteran of World War II named Cord Meyer, who was badly wounded in battle during that war. Meyer later was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Cord Meyer married Mary Pinchot, niece of Gifford Pinchot who was a two-term governor of Pennsylvania and also founder of the U.S. forestry service. He is a principal figure in the U.S. conservation movement. Besides being married to Cord, Mary Pinchot Meyer was a noted artist.

I believe it is now accepted that Mary Meyer was also the mistress of John F. Kennedy. Their affair lasted into his White House years. By some accounts, President Kennedy was thinking of divorcing Jackie and marrying Mary.

We know that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Mary Meyer was shot to death in Washington a year later. There are theories contradicting that of the Warren Commission regarding President Kennedy’s death. The connection with Cord Meyer is one of them although I cannot remember the details.

I learned about the assassination of President Kennedy on a Friday afternoon during my senior year at Yale. If I am not mistaken, the President was expected to attend a college football game between Yale and Harvard in New Haven, Connecticut, a day later.

Mary Meyer was buried in the Pinchot family plot at the Milford cemetery in Pennsylvania. Milford is a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania on the Delaware river. My great-grandparents and also my parents retired in Milford at the end of their lives. They lived in a house near the center of town. I presently own that house and expect to retire there in the not too distant future.

My brother, Andy, lived for a time in Washington D.C. where he knew the son of Cord and Mary Meyer, whose name was Quentin Meyer. I met Quentin several times years ago. They may both have lived for a time at St. Elizabeth’s hospital. My brother later came to Minneapolis to live with me. He died there in July 1999. I also had another brother, David, who died in 2005.

My two brothers, younger than me, are both buried in the Milford cemetery in a grave plot that is about 20 yards away from the Pinchot family plot where the remains of Mary Pinchot Meyer lie. (It's marked by a red marble obelisk which I bought in Minneapolis.) As there is room enough for me, I expect to be buried in the same plot when I am gone. I am 75 years of age.

William McGaughey


sent January 22, 2017


For further information on the dark history of Mary Meyer’s relationship with President Kennedy and her possible murder, see the Wikipedia article,, and also information about a book titled “Mary’s Mosaic” by Peter Janney at There have been numerous articles in respected publications on this subject.


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