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Searching for Gold - How this precious metal has played such an important role in human societies (2007) 3,003 words www.goldparty/searchforgold.html - 7 languages

An American experience: the yard sale - A Chinese-American woman's shopping adventures in Minneapolis-St. Paul (2011) 1,301 words www.yardsales.html - 12 languages

House of Signs - or, the Burma-Shave Story - The mass murder at Access Signage Systems office in Minneapolis, formerly the Burma-Shave factory (2012) 978 words www.burmashave.html - 12 languages

Someone wants my property. But I want it, too. (humorous) (2016) 289 words www.buyproperty.html - 12 languages

Ask your doctor if living past the age of 40 is right for you. when middle-aged life is reduced to this state (humorous) (2017) 265 words www.rite4U.html - 12 languages

On the Day after Trump’s Inauguration He’s a kindred spirit with respect to trade. (2017) 1,540 words www.trumpinauguration.html -12 languages

Some of Humanity’s Successes and Failures experienced during my Life Time Electronic technologies have driven the changing environment. (2017) 1,690 words www.successesandfailures.html -12 languages


A friend's autobiography

Carl Harstad's autobiography, Part 1 - Carl's boyhood and brief career in the U.S. Navy (2015) 33,850 words www.carlharstad.html - 1 language (English)

Carl Harstad's autobiography, Part 2 - Carl's adventurous life in Minnesota and China (2015) 27,018 words www.carlharstad-2.html - 1 language (English)


Tall Tales

Secret Beginnings of the U.S. Entertainment Industry - A tall tale about how President Taft invented the industry to deflect socialism (2004) 3,182 words www.secretbeginning.html - 12 languages

"Smokey Joe" Wood & the Boston Red Sox Curse - A yarn about the World Champion Boston Red Sox and its ace pitcher of 1912 (forget Babe Ruth being traded) (2004) 1,005 words www.smokeyjoe.html - 12 languages

Professor Unum’s Television Commercial- Is this drug right for you? (2010) 362 words professorunum.html - 12 languages



Poetry and Me - My studious and accidental encounters with this discipline over the years (2015) 2,951 words poetry.html - 12 languages

Poems dark and dangerous - The unusual verses of Vachel Lindsay and Francis G. Okie (2015) 3,992 words darkdangerous.html - 12 languages



A Proposal for a New Type of College - Web based, it would come in small packages of coursework. (2017) 3,025 words- 12 languages newcollege.html





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